Patch 3.3.2

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Patch 3.3.2

Patch 3.3.2
Bug Fixes

Server-side performance package coming in hot. For some time we have been looking into a CPU/log hog issue that appeared to be related to runaway messages for select players. We're talking 10s of thousands of messages in short periods of time to one player. Our first thought was OMG HAXOR, but it turns out to be related to getting killed right as you are logging out of world - literally that death right as you leave situation. That caused a backend process to enter a loop of death when attempting to respawn a user that is not longer there to respawn. This is now patched and will be an instant improvement on the server.

This patch also:

  • Fixes an issue with ./rankjob that caused some ranking misses related to building and npcs that overlapped a server reboot
  • Fixes an issue with an "isAlly" check that threw a number of backend errors
  • Enhanced a fix to our 3.3.1 Patch that helps prevent bugged powers on death
  • Enhanced a fix to our 3.3.0/3.3.1 changes to support Mana and Stamina Regen (we are considering the Regen issues closed)
  • Downgrade some Error-level logging to Debug-level logging to reduce noise in our Error loggers

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