Patch 3.3.1

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Patch 3.3.01

Patch 3.3.1
Bug Fixes
  • Change to the Regen job to address Regen sync issues between the server and the client.
  • Similar to ./syncmana we are also introducing ./syncstam. Same goal as above. The hope is that you will not need this given our updates to the Regen job.
  • Powers that bug after death we are pushing a change on the server to better understand some of the recycling that is going on. We will monitor the logs produced by this code to see if we can hone in on a root cause. You can use the command ./printrecycle to dump the tokens (each power has a token) and the time until the power recycles in milliseconds. If your powers bug out, please use this command when reporting so we can cross reference.
  • Cleaned up some issues with trading that were producing high log volumes

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