Patch 3.2.0

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Patch 3.2.0

Patch 3.2.0
Bug Fixes
  • IC Chat Update: Now Reflecting the correct Title! (Thank you and apologies to Sorcery for the trauma you endured)
  • Passive Defense: This will now work a lot better. The code was a mess behind the scenes and whoever built it first gets only a participation ribbon for what it looked like, In short, Block worked fine (it still works fine), Dodge was working but not at the rate that it should, and Parry was basically just the idea of Parry. You should see an immediate improvement on Dodge and Parry. We have also added a new command to help show off our new and improved passive rates. Click on the target player you want to test against and type " ./testpassive " to see the magic happen
  • Hotzone Update. Bone Marches will now actually be included in the rotation. Thank you to Mithras for his English Degree and advanced review skills to identify the extra "s" at the end of "Bone" that shouldn't have been there.
  • Recall to Runegate, Send to Runegate, Group Recall to Runegate > These powers will now correctly route the caster (and group members) to the nearest Runegate. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you train these to 5! They have 4 granted trains in them so they will cast and "do nothing" if you don't train. No red herrings allowed up in here.
  • Peek and Steal: We are removing some of the Chat Messages associated with these powers to make these Thief builds more fun. Consider this an experimental change. Thank you to Peeka for the idea.

Behind the Scenes

  • Getting Twitchy: We are working on a concept to use the "War Correspondent" role to automate a bot that jumps to the action (e.g. Banes, XPAC Mine Fights, etc) and streams the sweet, sweet pvp to Twitch (on a short delay)
  • R8 Resource Maintenance: Polishing this up a bit, but non-gold maintenance requirements will soon show up on the Manage City Assets window

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