Patch 3.0.0

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Patch 3.0.0

Patch 3.0.0
  • Location of the recall point of Serpent's Eye will now be on the Runegate
  • Removed the Dwarf Valkyr Dropper Spawn (Dragon of the same name remains)
  • Corrected the rolling suffix table for one of the Vampire Projectile contracts

Economy/World changes
  • Jotensgaard and “Guards” have been removed from the map. Other mainland camps with higher level mobs have been tweaked resulting in a soft cap of level 60 from mainland PVE. Progressing past level 60 can be done through world PVP, or by killing mobs on the expansion islands (Oblivion/ROC).
  • Gold rates have been tweaked with mobs under level 45 dropping less gold. Each week as the server progresses, the gold drops on the mainland will continue to decrease until they reach 50% of what they were previously. Mainland will continue to drop enough gold for new characters to train as they level up, however, city building and war funding should be funded by PvE in expansion zones and objective based PvP (Mines) higher level mobs *have had a slight buff.
  • Number of mines reduced and relocated, and balanced to encourage regional conflict. We have also tweaked the mine schedule. These times will be reviewed on a weekly basis and changes will be made as needed to promote PVP. The current map can be seen in Discord.
  • Resource drop rates have been decreased significantly. It will no longer be a viable plan to skip mines all together and gear your guild from PvE resource drops.
  • The number of agate droppers in the world has been reduced, and their respawn timers have been greatly increased(edited)

Economy/Other changes/bug fixes
  • PvP disabled on Noob Island
  • R1 Tree's that cannot afford maintenance will auto-abandon, allowing the tree to be claimed
  • You can now teleport back to Noob Island if you are under level 35
  • Killing the faction mobs on Noob Island no longer teleports everyone back to starting town
  • Valkr dropper relocated to Hethland Holm.
  • Hotzones are now limited to expansion islands
  • Glass no longer repairs
  • Distance-based mine pull is back
  • Asset transfer when changing tags or capturing from bane now working correctly
  • Shrines & warehouse now dismiss NPC after capture
  • Destruction banes are back!
  • R8 now protects correctly after successful bane defense
  • Buildings now protect correctly after successful bane defense
  • Adding command for Inner Council members ./citygold to display a sum of gold on all assets & warehouse
  • Added command for Inner Council members ./flushcitygold to transfer gold on all assets to the warehouse
  • Resolved an error where client was showing different stats than server (Toughness, Defense, ATR)
  • Minotaur Mobs are now stun immune
  • Inspecting Guild History is now working as intended
  • Blessed Healing Recast is now set correctly at 15 seconds
  • Walk combat sync is now fixed
  • In-Game Petition CCR is now functioning. This will notify staff members via Discord

SBEMU Data Site
  • is live and fully integrated to the game! Stats from last server still exist, put in your character name to see how bad your KDR was!

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