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The Shadowbane Reboot (patch 22) was added to the Saedron, Malog, and Test servers on March 25th, 2008. This date is the fifth anniversary of the Shadowbane retail release.

A prophecy, shouted by a hermit on the steps of the grand Cathedral of Saint Kellast in the holy city of Dalgoth, seat of the Holy Patriarch of the Church of the All Father. The pronouncement was made on the 71st day of the 3rd year of the Age of Thrones (the 102nd year of the Age of Strife by the old reckoning):

"Augurs and portents in every nation cry out grim prophecies, and all lands are filled with rumors of war. Soon, the prophets cry, the day shall come when Warlords old and new unsheathe their swords, and drown Vorringia in a crimson flood. The Age of Thrones draws toward its end - the Age of Doom is coming! Legions shall muster, strongholds shall rise, and stone walls will shatter. Grim kings shall unwind the bloody flag of war, and unleash fire and earthquake on their foes.

The weak shall be conquered! The strong will Crush!

- Shadowbane Reboot promotional narrative

General Changes
  • Disabled collision on the Demolished Mine Tower Asset, fixing the exploit.
  • Redistribute and Rebalance Armor - Armor sets were rebalanced and many of the under 100% armor pieces were upgraded to be 100%.
  • Decrease the damage Percentage on some Bow and Crossbow Powers
  • The Weapon and Armor Fencers were put into Sea Dog's Rest as well as left in the new Freehold city, Khan'Ov Srekel
  • Reduced the effects on the Castable Snares to -30% movement speed at PR-40.
  • Reduced the effects on Weapon Power Snares to -25% movement speed at PR-40.
  • Projectile Craftsman Vendors deal in all Ranged Weapons.
  • All Armorsmiths were updated with all of the current armor changes.
  • Modified Caster-based Stealth to cap at PR-20; but casting times have been drastically reduced to be in line with Rogue-based stealth at PR-40; and movement speed caps at -5% at PR-20.
  • Khan'Ov Skrekel, a new Freehold, now exists on all worlds.
  • Added a Magic Mine to the Pandemonium Macrozone.
  • Removed the random spawned mobs on Maelstrom
  • Moved the Runegate on Maelstrom to the middle of the island for easier access to all of the Macrozones.
  • Removed all of the Ruins from the game and pointed errant deaths and friendly city deaths to Sea Dog's Rest.
  • Re-evaluated some of the Fencer Armor in Sea Dog's Rest.
  • Re-evaluated the Elite Armor Enchantments.
  • Adjusted the Sea Dog's Throwing Weapons to be in line with the Projectile Craftsman's Enchantments.
  • Changed the Hotzone timer to change every 3 hours, instead of 4.
  • Adjusted the Huntress Trainer in Phaedra's Prize so that she can no longer train skills up to 100%.
  • Adjusted NPC display limitations from 100 items to 150.
  • Various dupes and exploits were fixed.
  • Fixed a server crash involving two realms being claimed simultaneously.
  • Increased melee weapon range slightly.
  • Removed an extra 20 health point grant from Tough as Nails that wasn't intended for the rune.
  • Discipline trainers may no longer train any skill passed 90%

Racial Changes
  • The Aelfborn Racial Power 'Wildkin's Chase' has had its duration reduced to 60 seconds from 180 seconds.
  • Decreased the Creation Cost on Centaurs by 5 Creation Points.
  • Returned the 'of the Windlord's' suffix to all Centaur Boots.
  • Centaurs natural speed has been reduced by about 5%
  • Decreased the Creation Cost on Minotaurs by 5 Creation Points.
Class Changes
  • Gave Mage-based classes the following power:

Lesser Mage Bolt
"Single Target Magic Damage"
requires Sorcery Skill ( 90 )
requires Mage Bolt Power ( 40 )

  • Granted: Level 40
  • Power Rank: 0
  • Teachers: Mage Trainer (1), Master Assassin (1), Master Warlock (1), Master Wizard (1), Master Bard (1), Master Channeler (1), Master Fury (1), Master Doomsayer (1), Master Necromancer (1)
  • Focus Skill: Sorcery
  • Flagged As: Spell (Cancels effects which are cancelled by Spellcasting).
  • Mana Cost: 25 (at power rank 1)
  • Casting Time: 0.0 seconds
  • Recycle Time: 3.0 seconds
  • Generates Hate: Moderate
  • Power User Requirements: Player may use this power while moving.
  • Mode Required: Either Combat or Non-Combat Mode
  • Requires Hit Roll: Yes
  • Target and Range: Monsters or Players (120 Units)
  • Can affect caster and group members.
  • Direct Damage
    • Health Damage: 6-8 points (from power rank 1) points of Health
    • Flagged as 'Magic' damage
    • Dispel Tags: DeBuff, Effect

Class Changes
  • Modified Mage Assassin Fade to cap at PR-20; but casting times have been drastically reduced to be in line with Rogue-based Hide at PR-40.
  • Changed the Barbarian Power "Unstoppable Force" to grant at PR-0.
  • Druids now have their own class specific armor set.
  • Priests now have their own class specific armor set.
  • Modified the Scout power Camouflage from a Single-Target Power into a Group Power.
  • Changed the Warrior Power "Indomitable Will" to grant at PR-0.
  • Warriors now have their own class specific armor set.
  • Wizards now have their own class specific armor set.
Discipline Changes
  • Adjusted the power Skirmish Counterspell's recast time to scale from 60 seconds to 20 seconds from PR-20 to PR-40.
  • Blade Masters now have their own discipline specific armor set.
  • Blade Weavers now have their own discipline specific armor set.
  • Adjusted the Bounty Hunter Power Detect Hidden to cost 25 Stamina per use and applied a 60 second recast timer.
  • Dark Knights now have their own discipline specific armor set.
  • Adjusted Recast and Duration timers on Hone Weapon and Harden Armor to 15 minutes.
  • Knights now have their own discipline specific armor set.
  • Reduced the range on the Prospector Discipline power Claim Mine to 5 units.
City & Siege
  • Building of War Placement - Instead of being a circumference around a Tree of Life, BOWs can be placed in a perimeter (square) around it just like a Bane Stone.
  • Rank 8 Maintenance Fees - Will now be properly withdrawn.
  • Player AoE on Siege Engines - Were removed from the game.
  • Flattening the City Zone - Instead of just flattening the city (buildable) grid, the entire city zone will now be flattened.
  • Removed Wall Archers from the game
  • Decrease the amount of Guard Minions a Guard Captain can have
  • Adjusted City Limitations in some Territories.
  • Adjusted the Buildings of War minimum distance to disallow placement on the City Grid before the War Phase of a Siege.
  • Players are no longer able to place buildings on a city grid they are not a member of.
  • Extended Spire Range to encompass the entire Guild Zone.
  • Disallowed Player Cities to be placed on the Expansion Islands.

Unannounced Changes
  • Changed the font of the selection window from Onuava to Procopius.

Developer's Note
The Shadowbane Development Team wrote:
Everyone here on the Shadowbane Team is extremely excited to see the Shadowbane Reboot become a reality. We have been able to make the fundamental changes that have been needed for quite some time and are looking forward to continuing work on the balance of Shadowbane!

In conclusion we would like to thank you, the players, for your continued love and support of Shadowbane - without you none of this would be possible. Special thanks also go out to every player that helped us test the upcoming changes on the Test Server – without you the Reboot process wouldn't have gone near as smoothly. Finally, acknowledgement is due to Ubisoft for keeping this game active and making the Reboot possible; Ubisoft Montreal and Red Storm for putting in the long hours behind the scenes to host Shadowbane; and the Shadowbane Team that has worked day and night to make this Reboot a success.

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