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Patch 2.2, the Shroud of Ardan Chapter 2 Patch patch, will be added to the Shadowbane Emulator soon!

Newb Isle Polish (Part 1)
  • Newb Island maximum level has been reduced from 35 to 30. This means a character is kicked out of Newb Isle at rank 3.
  • Faction Guards now patrol the starting areas for each faction.
  • Alchemists on the island no longer sell Greater Concoction Potions for 2,000, instead handing out a new item: Lesser Concoction Potion with +35 stat buffs for free.
  • Removed the Movement Speed from the newb Island outpost bonuses.
  • Certain classes now receive their early class-based "nuke" power immediately at promotion:
    • Bard's Dread Dissonance is now granted at level 10 (down from 12).
    • Crusader's Censure is now granted at level 10 (down from 15).
    • Druid's Blight is now granted at level 10 (down from 15).
    • Prelate's Censure is now granted at level 10 (down from 15).
    • Sentinel's Righteous Word of Binding is now granted at level 10 (down from 20).
  • Class Offensive, Defensive, and Precise Stances are now granted immediately upon promotion at level 10 (down from 15).
Doon (Community Manager) wrote:
This Noob Island Update is part of a two-part update to polish Noob. This should make it easier for returning players, and it should both reduce extreme griefing and make characters more viable in PvP at an earlier level.
Tooltip and Particle Update
  • Tooltips are now more detailed and provide information about interactions, dispel tags, range, and radius where appropriate.
  • Prelate, Fury, Channeler and Sentinel AoE particle effects have been made more minimalistic to improve FPS and visibility in large battles.
Doon (Community Manager) wrote:
This client portion should slightly improve GvG FPS and visibility, as well as make powers and effects interactions much more understandable without needing to go to the wiki as often.
  • Channeler's Call Lightning damage has been reduced by ~20%.
  • Necromancer's Unholy Storm damage has been reduced by ~20%.
  • Prelate's Saint Lorne's Ire damage has been reduced by ~5%.
  • Health suffixes found on armor have been reduced from "20/30/40/50/60/70/80/100/125" to "5/10/15/20/30/40/50/60/75".
Doon (Community Manager) wrote:
This balance portion is put together due to the potency of high-powered casters, and the meta of burst-AEs. We hope that this slight reduction in power won't result in a pendulum swing, and that more armor suffixes may become viable as a result.

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