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The July 2005 Reactionary Patch (patch 13.5) was added to live servers on August 2nd, 2006.

General Changes
  • Inner Council Members are now automatically allowed to manage buildings of war that their guild owns
  • Fixed an issue where Guild Members could not leave a guild when their city had a declaration of war (Bane Stone); the Guild Leader still cannot leave the Guild nor transfer leadership, as designed
Class Changes
  • The Necromancer Power Unholy Terror has been updated to remove the Healing Mantle and replaced that effect with a Healing Resistance and Health Recovery Debuff
  • The Necromancer Power Unholy Fright has been updated to have the secondary effects of a Healing Resistance and Health Recovery Debuff
  • The Thief Power Crippling Blow has been updated so the Defense Debuff effect lasts the same duration as the Strength and Dexterity Debuff effects
  • The Warlock Power Battlemind has been updated so that the Melee Damage Modifier Effect Icon is now visible and does not dispel when a Weapon Power is used

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