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The March 2006 Content Patch (patch 12) was added to Shadowbane on March 15th, 2006.

General Changes
  • Implemented a Kill List that works like the Death List but shows whom you have recently killed.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could "Use" items in their banks or while peeking (for Thieves) which would not consume the item used
  • Lists will no longer reset to the top; for example when selecting a Trait in Character Creation, the list will not scroll to the top any longer.
  • Login Errors are more explanatory.
  • Added a toggle for turning on and off timestamps for chat messages; this can be turned on and off in the Chat Windows Properties menu.
  • Fixed an issue where players could still target other players when they have stealthed.
  • Fixed a server crash issue.
  • When specific items in the world are placed in a creature's inventory, the creature's name and zone will be broadcast to the world.
World Changes
  • Sea Dog's Rest has a new Vault Keeper that will allow you to not only store items in it like a bank, but allows all characters on your account (that reside on this server) to access anything put in there
  • Sea Dog's Rest has a new Gambler who will sell you packages of certain types; some items are top grade... some are not.
    • The Gambler, also known as Fate's Peddler, has packages for every weapon and armor type, one for Runes, and one for City Improvements. However, she only sells some of those packages at a time and this list is changed after every server reboot.
    • For every weapon and armor package, you have a very high change of receiving low-end items, a small chance of receiving an item with high stats or baked in enchantments (such as the Vorgrim items), and a small chance of receiving a 110% weapon with high-end enchantments.
    • Runes and Deeds work the same way, the most desirable items have a smaller chance of being obtained.
City & Siege
  • First Place Shrines now get First Place Boons
  • Implemented an Inner Council MOTD message (/SETICMOTD)
  • Votaries will no longer cast a Boon on you if you already have one active
  • Reimplemented Siege Effects.
    • Siege Effects now affect the Defending City's Guards.
    • Siege Effects now contain a Defense component.
    • The buff have been toned down to 5% across the board.
    • Implemented Siege Effects that buff the attacking and defending Nations during the War Phase of a siege with increased attack ratings, power and melee damage, and hit points.
    • Siege Effects have extended to the allies of both the attacking and enemy Nations.
Class Changes

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