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Movement Speed (or run speed) is the rate at which a character runs along the land. Movement speed is calculated by units per second. The base movement speed for all characters is 13.97, except Centaurs, which have 16.94, and Minotaurs which have 15.95.

Modifying Movement Speed

Movement speed modifiers have two categories: base and buff.

Base Movement Speed

Base movement speed is a character's racial movement rate. The base speed can only be enhanced by the Running skill and flight. The running skill increases base movement speed at a rate of 0.25% increase per percentage point. Flying horizontally increases the base move speed by 30%.

Buffed Movement Speed

All other run speed modifiers are considered buffs and apply cumulatively to the base speed.

Some examples of movement speed buffs:

  • Windlords boots: Windlords provide a 5% increase increase.
  • All Fighter and Rogue classes receive a 5% movement speed increase.
  • Three starting runes modify movement speed:
  • Two shrine boons modify movement speed:
    • Necromancer Boon: The Necromancer shrine provides a 1% movement speed increase (for first place)
    • Wizard Boon: The Wizard shrine provides a 5% movement speed increase (for first place)

Limited-duration effects also fall under the buffs category:

  • Movement Buffs: All short-duration movement speed buffs (such as Sprint or Travel Stance) increase speed by a flat percentage.
  • Snares: Snare effects subtract a flat percentage of movement speed.

Movement Speed Formula

Main article: Formulas

Once you have determined the base and buff modifiers, you can calculate the final speed total using the formula below.
(Base Speed) * (1 + Speed Modifiers Total)


A Human Thief with windlords boots and 100% running skill hits Sprint to escape danger.

  • The base speed is 13.97, which is increased by 25% from the thief's 100% running. Her base run speed is therefore 17.46.
  • The thief has windlords (.05), is a rogue (.05), and now has a 50% movement speed buff applied from Sprint (.5). These buffs increase the base by 60%.

Therefore, this Thief runs at 27.94, or double the base movement speed.

Movement Speed Cap

The movement speed cap is 41 units per second. That said, it is not worthless to go beyond it due to snares.

Fastest Characters

As you can see above, it would be difficult to reach this cap without some effort. Only very specific and mostly impractical builds can reach it.

The fastest possible character is a Nephilim Thief or Scout with maximum intelligence (170) who can achieve a running skill of 287% (a 71.75% speed increase). Since this character is a Rogue, they receive a 5% movement speed increase. This character would also have taken the Fleet of Foot rune on character creation (5% increase) and would wear Windlords boots (5% increase). This character would have a speed of 36.02 while flying. If this character activated Sprint, their speed would only go up by about 20% due to the movement speed cap (normally 50%).

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