Morloch the Destroyer

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Morloch the Destroyer
Pain and spite drove Malog the Warrior to renounce the All-Father, and bend all his efforts to destroying his Master's will. Finally, at the climax of the War of the Scourge, Malog led the All-Father into a deadly trap in the very heart of Chaos, hoping that the Dark Lords would destroy Him forever. The ruse failed, and Malog was left to the mercies of his new masters when the Chaos Gate was sealed. For more than seven centuries, the stuff of Chaos poisoned and corrupted the Traitor God, transforming him into Morloch, a creature of darkness and unspeakable power. Morloch finally returned to Aerynth, leading vast swarms of Orcs and Ogres, and tried for years to build an empire of cruelty and shadow. Patron of Orcs and all the Twisted Breeds, Morloch is also worshipped by the savage Minotaurs of the Northlands. Late in the Age of Kings, the Children of Aerynth again rose as one to smash Morloch's designs, and it is said that Thurin, Kenaryn, and Torvald the Titan all engaged Morloch in a mighty battle, defeating him. Many believe that the Destroyer was slain, but the Orcs say that Morloch waits, in hiding, and that the time of his bloody vengeance is near at hand. Some legends hint that Morloch (if he lives) is obsessed with finding Shadowbane, the Sword of Destiny, whose power would make him invincible. Should the Sword of Power fall into such evil hands, the outcome would be grim indeed.

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