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Morloch Wiki is a closed wiki for distributing Shadowbane information, specifically regarding the Shadowbane Emulator.

If you are interested in becoming a Morloch Wiki editor, please PM Rewen.


Due to a lack of updates on the original official game information resources, this wiki was created in an effort to give players access to accurate information that is easily updated after changes to the game.


Morloch Wiki has 4,653 pages, 2,270 articles, and 1,135 pictures and other files. The wiki has a total of 16,106,289 page views, 4,131 users of which 15 are administrators.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to Matthew "Halethrain" Sorensen, who put together the original Morloch Wiki and handed it
off to the Shadowbane Emulator project, and to all the editors who made Morloch Wiki what it is today.

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