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Morloch's Revelry is a game mechanic designed to improve parity in heavily imbalanced bane battles that applies a buff or debuff on outgoing damage.


Hand of Morloch

Once a character has been judged as an attacker, defender, or crasher, its actions in combat will influence the ever-swaying hand of war in the form of modifications to its outgoing spell and weapon damage. A calculation is performed at the moment of the attack that will either increase it, decrease it, or not modify it at all depending the disparity between allies and enemies in the area of battle.


  • The defending nation and their allies are considered defenders.
  • The attacking nation and their allies are considered attackers.
  • All other parties are considered crashers.

Destroyer's Sway

Each outgoing weapon attack and damaging spell performed in the area of twice the besieged city will receive a dynamically-adjusted damage increase or decrease proportional to the source's advantage or disadvantage of ally numbers. This adjustment is recalculated every 60 seconds based on battlefield activity.

The following lists describe the damage adjustments that apply when attacks are made on the opposing force (in-fighting is not modified). These adjustments do not apply if no side has more than 20 players.

Rates of Adjustment

The following adjustments apply during battles with a numbers disparity.

Difference Bonus to Smaller Penalty to Larger
x1.12 or less no bonus no penalty
x1.5 +35% damage -15% damage
x2 +60% damage -20% damage
x3 +160% damage -40% damage
x4 +200% damage -40% damage

Crasher Adjustments

  • Attackers and defenders never receive a penalty for attacking crashers, even with a numbers advantage.
  • Crashers always receive a 40% damage penalty when damaging attackers or defenders.


A defending city was only able to muster 22 players for their defense. Their attackers, however, managed to rally 33 players. The attackers have a x1.5 numbers advantage. Therefore, all defenders receive a damage buff of +35%. The attackers receive a damage penalty of -15%. While these adjustments alone may not be enough to help the defenders overcome their disadvantage, it may give them a fighting chance!

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