Master Timelines of the Five Great Ages

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Every day the blackened sun rises, an inescapable legacy of the Treacherous Stroke and the Turning that followed after. In the daytime sky, history has been made real - its impact is inescapable. Alas, the Turning is one of the few events in history that is recorded with any accuracy. The War of Tears and the War of the Scourge before it have killed far too many loremasters and destroyed too many records. Only the haziest outline of the Ages before this survives, preserved in a few meager fragments of history jealously guarded by prelates, scholars, and magi. Those who would seek to understand our World and the strife that has shattered it must cultivate an understanding of the past, but this is no easy task. An understanding of the past could hold the key to ending the conflicts and troubles that plague the present. Unfortunately, too many historical researchers seek power instead of wisdom or understanding, scouring ancient records for the locations of lost treasures or the secrets of forgotten magic.

- Master Timelines of the Five Great Ages
The Age of Twilight

No dates are given because Time did not yet exist. These events did happen in the following order:

The Age of Days

All dates are designated New Reckoning (NR).

  • Year 1: The beginning of Time and the Birth of the Titans.
  • Year 10: The foundation of the Blessed Realm of Ardan.
  • Year 12: The War of the Stones begins. For the Dwarves, the Time of the Forge ends and the Time of the Axe begins.
  • Year 105: The War of Darkness against the Unholy Legion.
  • Year 122 - 300: The Wars of Spite between Ardan and the Deathless Empire.
  • Year 309: Troubled by the problem of Death and the undead, the All-Father journeys into the Void to seek a solution.
  • Year 617: The departure of Torvald the Strong and the Northmen from Ardan.
  • Year 2005: The Elves unleash the Blood Curse: The fall of Ardan. The surviving Titans are imprisoned by the Elves.
  • Year 3,287: Elvish Magi create the Minotaurs.
  • Year 3,659: A group of Human slaves escape the Deathless Empire, and learn the arts of Lore, law, and War from the centaurs. They found the Hidden Kingdom.
  • Year 3,995: Torvagau the Liberator leaves the Hidden Kingdom and raids the Deathless Empire, starting a massive slave revolt. The captured Titans are liberated.
  • Year 3,999: The Sun darkens, and Khalikryst transforms the Khalinviri into the Irekei. The war of Flames begins. For Irekei, the Time of Embers ends and the Time of Flames begins.
  • Year 4,213: The Chaos gate opens, and the War of the Scourge begins.
  • Year 4,223: The Grand Alliance of Humans, Elves, Centaurs and Giants forms.
  • Year 4,226: Beregund Bladeseeker finds Shadowbane and is betrayed. Shadowbane is lost to the Lands of the Dead.
  • Year 4,310: The All-Father and His host of Archons returns to Aerynth, drives back the Hordes of the Dark Lords, and invades Chaos. The War of the Scourge ends. The All-Father withdraws to his fortress on the Silver Moon.
The Age of Kings

All dates are designated King's Year (KY).

  • Year 1: Foundation of the Human Kingdom of Ethyria.
  • Year 50: Phaedra and the Amazons reach the valley of Delgana.
  • Year 161: The Human and Elvish Churches of the All-Father unite into one.
  • Year 172: The fall of Ethyria. The 10 kingdoms are born.
  • Year 799: Morloch the Destroyer returns. The Orcs, Ogres, and Grobolds arrive from Chaos. The War of Ashes occurs.
  • Year 803: For Dwarves, the Time of the Axe ends, and the Time of the Chain begins.
  • Year 913: Konrad's Boast triggers the war of Tears.
  • Year 1061: The rise of Cambruin.
  • Year 1066: Cambruin is crowned High King.
  • Year 1076: The War of Tears resumes.
  • Year 1083: Caeric Blackhammer finds Shadowbane and delivers it to Cambruin.
  • Year 1099: The fall of Kierhaven. Cambruin is betrayed. The Turning.
The Age of Strife

All dates are designated Shadow Year (SY).

  • Year 1: The Dark Years begin. Plague, famine, and war take countless lives.
  • Year 5: Malorn and his followers emerge from hiding, and the Order of the Cleansing Flame is born.
  • Year 9: Bishops, Archbishops, and Cardinals of the holy Church at last regain contact with the Archons.
  • Year 24: The Druids emerge from seclusion, and plant Trees of Life in many major cities. The numbers of Undead begin to drop, and the Dark Years end.
  • Year 51: The Aracoix first appear on Aerynth, entering through Runegates. The War of Talons begins.
  • Year 54: The War of Talons ends. Angillar the Blue and other Wizards unlock the secrets of the Runegates.
  • Year 62: The Synod of Dalgoth. The Patriarch and Cardinals rebuke Malorn, and proclaim the Book of Swords a heretical text.
  • Year 63: Malorn returns to the city of Cair Haldoran on the fragment of Kierhaven. Malorn drafts and ratifies the Articles of Faith. The schism between the Temple and the Holy Church becomes official.
  • Year 69: Drangellikor, a powerful Flame Drake, awakens and takes up residence among the ruins of Kierhaven.
  • Year 96: A lone Wyrmslayer returns from the Ruins of Kierhaven to report that the ruins and the Drake are gone, and a vast pit lies where the World Tree once stood. Shadowbane's whereabouts are unknown.
  • Year 97: The Present. Five generations have passed since the Turning.

Nothing of substance is known of the times before the Age of Twilight, although ancient myths and the patient deductions of loremasters and magi have given some hint of what might have occurred in the Age Before. Seekers of wisdom or power should beware - few of the sources that survive agree on all of the details of the events they describe, and many stand in direct contradiction of each other. Also, any record of events rarely conveys the meaning of those events, or can accurately describe their causes.

- Master Timelines of the Five Great Ages

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