King's Cross

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Map of King's Cross

Hail to thee, and well met! You've come to Lion's Gate, named for Cambruin himself, the Golden Lion who united the Ten Kingdoms of Men. A little more than a century ago, the High King rode at the head of his armies to defend the Patriarch in Dalgoth from the Barbarian hordes to the north. He scattered his foes, and left the city to stand as a bastion against strife. Here the High King's memory still lives, and we work to revive his glory as best we may. The Turning has brought all manner of folk here, and the streets have grown rowdy indeed.

- Saflaark, Runemaster of King's Cross

King's Cross is an NPC safe hold city on Aerynth. It is also known as Lion's Gate on Dalgoth.


  • Coordinates on Aerynth: 27600 x 48900
  • Coordinates on Dalgoth: 22500 x 68600

Class Trainer Availability

King's Cross (and Lion's Gate) have one of each class trainer.