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Mistress of flame, strife, and discord, few in Aerynth pay homage to this unpredictable and malevolent Goddess, who is as likely to unleash her fiery wrath on her worshippers as she is upon her enemies. Khalikrsyt receives widespread worship only from the Irekei, who call her the Dragon's Daughter, and credit the Phoenix Goddess with their transformation from Elves into Irekei. Some among the Wise believe that Khalikryst is Volliandra reborn, corrupted by the Dragon's fire, while others aver that she is a different entity, a powerful spirit of Chaos and fire drawn to the burning Sun. Whatever the case, Khalikryst is believed to possess vast knowledge and tremendous power, and will reward her followers with secrets and boons if the whim suits her. Few seek such gifts, however, for Khalikryst is even more dangerous to deal with than Saedron, and is even crueler than the Irekei who call her mother. The face of the Sun darkened during the Turning, and its fires have been dimmed ever since. Some believe that Khalikryst was somehow destroyed on the Day of Woe, while others fear that the Phoenix left her burning palace, and now walks among Aerynth's fragments, weaving unfathomable schemes and stratagems.


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