Kenaryn the Hunter

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Merriest and freest of the All-Father's Companions, Kenaryn is the Lord of the Hunt, and his endless thirst for sport and adventure has ensured that he never remains in one place for long. Depicted as a tall, ruddy man with a rack of antlers rising from his head, Kenaryn freed Saedron, the Goddess of the Silver Moon, from her imprisonment, and later married her. The Centaurs were their children, and quickly took up their father's love of wind and the chase. It is said that Kenaryn runs faster than the winds, and that he has traveled over every inch of Aerynth, from the highest peak to the bottoms of the seas. In the Age of Twilight Kenaryn helped subdue the Dragon, and afterward quickly took up the Long Hunt for Grallokur the Devourer, the hideous beast born of Saedron's madness. Legends tell of Kenaryn's long quest to capture the Devourer and restore his wife's sundered mind, a hunt which has taken him far away from the affairs of the Children of the World. The Centaurs believe that Kenaryn and Grallokur shall finally meet and do battle at the World's end, although some wonder if this grim event has not already happened. Kenaryn has not appeared or answered any call since the Turning and many fear that the Hunter became the prey, and has met his doom.

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