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Factionhold: Aelarnost
Guild Ranks:
  • Eccelene (Follower; the lowborn)
  • Saerdulor / Saerdulil (Peer; literally "True Blooded")
  • Hodrimarth (the Middle Caste; literally "Feasting Masses")
  • Mandrae (Petty Noble; literally "The Chosen")
  • Irmaelin (Nobles, Highborn; literally "Golden Ancient Ones")
  • Thaelostor / Thaelostril (Elflord / Elflady; literally "Eagle Master")
  • Dar Thaelostor / Dar Thaelostril (High Elflord / High Elflady)1
  • Aglaeron (Elfking / Elfqueen; literally "Majestic One")2
  • Ellestor / Ellestril (Emperor / Empress; literally "Master / Mistress of Stars")2
Overview: Grim Elvish factions working to rebuild their lost empire.

Narrative: Something is stirring among the ashes of the Deathless Empire. Scattered groups of Elves, lost among Aerynth's fragments, have begun to join together for the first time since the Turning, founding new lines and dynasties, and establishing noble courts of opulence and splendor. Most of these new courts have formed around the last scions of an ancient noble line or one of the few Elvish heroes and Elflords who survived the War of Tears. Valdimanthor's dynasty was utterly undone by Human genocide, and no clear successor to the throne of the Deathless Empire remains. The rulers of some High Courts believe that the Deathless Empire must be rebuilt as quickly as possible, while other powerful Elves think the time has come for something entirely new, and advocate the creation of the third great Elvish dominion. Naturally, every Elflord thinks that they are best suited to rule, and resents the claims and intrigues of their fellow lords…

1 Denotes that only Members of a Guild that controls a City-State (or higher) can obtain this rank.
2 Denotes that only Members of a Guild that controls a Nation can obtain this rank.