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Cannot Plant

im on the morlog server and i found a zone with 4/7 territories. i found a green square in that zone but i get there and cant place my seed. please advise me what im doing wrong

Sometimes more cities can not fit in a zone even if the zone has not reached its limit of cities. The reason for this is there are certain placement distance restrictions, meaning you can only place a tree if it far rnough away from macrozones, other cities, and bodies of water. It doesn't make sense that the zone says it can hold more because a change was made recently to the land used when a city is created. Cities are now larger, so fewer of them can fit in specific areas.
For future questions, you can get faster answers in the official Shadowbane forum.
I hope this helps! --Rewen 19:42, 28 May 2008 (EDT)
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