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== Shadowbane Help ==
== Shadowbane Help ==
For help with Shadowbane directly you may visit the [ Ubi forums].
For help with Shadowbane directly you may visit the [[Getting Started|new player guide]] or visit the [ SBE forums].

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This is the MorlochWiki help page!


What is MorlochWiki?

MorlochWiki is in short a freely editable database of Shadowbane knowledge. Due to the lack of updates from the official shadowbane site, this Wiki was created in an efforts to give players access to a more current compendium of knowledge. Of course, all information here is not guaranteed to be accurate, but the point of this wiki is to enable the users to actively change information they find to be outdated or incorrect.

What pages are needed?

When pages are edited to include internal links, often they will lead to blank pages. These are the pages we need most to create a more wholseome and complete wiki. You can find a list of the pages waiting to be created Special:Wantedpages

What am I allowed to change?

Anything. As long as you know that the information is correct, then change as much as you want. We welcome -- no, we rely on input from the community on every article.

Ask a Question

Editing Help

For help with editing, please read over the Wikipedia Help page. Most if not all of the editing code used in Wikipedia is the same used in MorlochWiki.

You may also use the discussion part of this page to request help from the community. Just click on the tab at the top labled "Discussion", and then click the "Edit" tab on that page.

Shadowbane Help

For help with Shadowbane directly you may visit the new player guide or visit the SBE forums.

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