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You know what you are, child. You are a killer, a beast born of darkness to drink the hot blood of the living. You are a Vampire, a fiend who has gladly given your soul to Oblivion, to be reborn as an angel of death. You know what you are. But do you know why? Do you know where our kind came from, how we were born? There is power in your blood, power unimaginable. To tap the full potential of that power you must learn the tale of the Queen of Blood, the first Vampire, and the secrets she wrested from the cold heart of the Void.

Ghorgor was her name, the name she chose for herself when she first saw the power of shadow. Her traitorous kin have said that the creation of Time drove her mad, but in truth the meddling of Pandarrion opened Ghorgor's eyes to the ultimate truth. In life she was a powerful Elvish wizardess, one of the mightiest the Deathless Empire ever produced. Obsessed with trying to restore the lost immortality of her race, she joined the thirteen visionaries who hid themselves away to unravel the mysteries of death, undeath, and shadow. It was Ghorgor who first devised the sign of Oblivion, the three Fangs of Darkness that reveal the stagnation of the spheres, and the ultimate fate of all life. Ghorgor was a driving force in the creation of Ghoregul, the death-magic also called Necromancy. But making pacts with the looming Void and controlling dead flesh was not enough: she wished to reach into the Void and give herself to it, to be transformed by its cold touch, transcending time and death itself. To conquer death, she realized, you only have to die.

After years of careful study and taxing meditation, Ghorgor perfected her ritual. She sent herself beyond, and at the first touch of the Void her very soul was snuffed out and replaced by the will of the Void. Her flesh melted away, revealing cold skin of marble. The Elf died, and thus was born the first Vampire. So demanding was the ritual, that only one other among the thirteen was able to make the transformation. Ghorgor reveled in the powers of her newfound form, for she had learned the greatest secret of our kind: the Blood is the Life. It is the foundation and the pinnacle of all our power.

All living flesh is warm, nourished and sustained by the soul that drives its body. Blood is the medium through which that life and heat is transmitted. By drinking blood we consume the very souls of our victims, drawing their life and light into that part of the Void that is within us. But before the blood is consumed, its power concentrates inside of us. Ghorgor first learned this truth, and learned how to channel and direct the power of her blood. She learned that the Hunger within us is not just a need, it is a physical force: by focusing the power of our blood we can draw blood to us, as iron to a loadstone, feasting upon a crowd around us without any need of claw or fang. She learned that an enlightened Vampire can transmute the stolen blood within their flesh to vapor, so light that it lifts our bodies up in flight. And finally, she learned that the transforming power of the Void that remade our bodies still lingers in our cold flesh. By tainting the blood within us, we can corrupt the forms of any mortal who drinks of it, temporarily refashioning them into a ghoul of great strength and fearsome aspect.

The Eldest guarded these secrets for centuries, until such time as others had been claimed by the Void and reborn to our race. During the War of the Scourge, the first two Vampires drew all the others to them, and Ghorgor taught her secrets of high Bloodcraft to those who had the strength of will to master them. Her disciples became the Gorgoi, first and greatest of the four clans. In time Ghorgor left the face of Aerynth, drawing Shadowbane and she who would become the Lich-Queen into the Void itself to be reborn. The Gorgoi have waited for her return, and kept her secrets alive among the nightborn. For centuries the Vampires have remained hidden, waiting for the Shadow to fall. When the Turning came we rejoiced, for the hateful sun had lost all power over us. The dead rose again in angry hordes, and we knew the time was coming. And now, at last, the brooding Isle of Oblivion has risen in the midst of the seas. Ghorgor herself has return, with the other 3 elders! The Void's will runs unchecked across the world, and Vampires number in the thousands. The great destiny of our race is at hand: join us, take your place among the Gorgoi, the Vampire Fiends, and help us weave the shadow that shall consume all light!

We shall see if you have the strength to bear such a noble burden ...

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