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Below, you will find a selection of user-created character templates for Bards. Character templates are battle-tested methods for building your character, but do not guarantee success and depend mostly on one's style of play.



Irekei Fury Template

By Capitulation

Starting Runes

In-Game Runes

Stats at Level 75

Focus Skills

  • Stormcalling: 150%
  • Sorcery: 56%
  • Warding: 54%
  • Flamecalling: Minimum

Powers and Abilities

  • Call the Sky's Fury: 9 Points
  • Fury of Ice: 40 Points
  • Strike Blind: 40 Points
  • Stun: 40 Points
  • Shielding: 1 Point
  • Flesh Ward: 40 Points
  • Storm Ward: 40 Points
  • Call Storm: 40 Points
  • Call the Blizzard: 40 Points
  • Awaken the Fury: 30 Points
  • Draw Nature's Fury: 40 Points
  • Nyth Rune: 20 Points
  • River of Life: 20 Points
  • Fury of Wind: 40 Points
  • Break Enchantment: 1 Point
  • Leech of Blood: 1 Point
  • Inflict Poison: 40 Points
  • Blood Fire: 20 Points

Proccing BW Elf Fury

By Krazo (original source deleted when Ubi forums were taken offline)

Author's Comments
Here's my template as I wrote it down on my comp as I was planning it. This is what I would suggest you test out, Roma. I'd love Eastre's tweaks. It's not perfect but I found it to be ridiculously good. Have fun. You'll be able to proc on people for 3000's fully buffed and you'll be nuking for over 1400 consistently. I'm sure you can make your own modifications to the template and come up with something better; feel free. Pls give me feed back on what you guys think. This is hands down the best fury around to build. Strategy: Kill people and don't die. The buffbots are there because I plan my characters around available buffs. On Vindi, you can't get these buffs, but it's still effective. On ARAC, you should have the buffs and you will dominate.

Elven fury
Warlord's Page, Healthy As An Ox, Tough As Nails, Bladeweaver

130 Con
160 Int
56? Spi

Max Stormcalling 130
100 Warding 60
56 Sorcery 16
70 Dagger 30
GM Elemental DA 20
GM Ice Nuke 40
GM Blind 40
GM Shielding 40
1 Blizzard 1
9 Lightning Nuke 9
1 Lightning AOE 1
GM Inflict Poison 40
GM Fury of Wind 40
JM RC Heal 20
GM Storm Ward 40
GM Ice Debuff 40
GM Stun 40
1 Root 1
1 Str/Dex debuff 1
1 Int/Spi debuff 1

Total: 650. Numbers aren't exact from the game, so you may have to untrain warding a little to get them exactly right.

Ethereal of Power Ammy
Ethereal of Serenity Ring
Intractable of Stormcalling Ring

Dual Peerless of Frykka Balanced Daggers.

Runed of Genius Hood.
All +4 +4 +2 Infernal cloth and +4 +4 Infernal cloth Windies.

Buffbots: Priest (alac, mr and UDH), Doomie (VoP), Assassin (poison procs), Necro (60 holy and PCR)

PeekaChew's Proccing Fury "The Minun"

By PeelaChew (original source deleted when Ubi forums were taken offline)

At creation:
Wizard's Apprentice
Scion of the Dar Khelegur

In Game Stat Runes taken:
Legendary Int (or Godly, depending on what you can find)

End Game Stats should look like:
185 Int
89 Spi
65 Con

Skill Percentages should look like:

Warding 58 %
Dagger 70 %
Storm Calling 140 %
Sorcery 56 %

Train Allocation should look like:
Stun 40
Call the Sky's Fury 40
Inflict Poison 40
Fleshward 40
Strike Blind 40
Fury of Ice 13
Awaken the Fury (farming utility extraordinaire)
Nyth Rune 20
Consecrate Weapon 18
Hex of the Storm 40
Call storm 40
Draw Nature's Fury 40
Feint 1 train
Fury of the Wind 40
Call Blizzard 40
Remove Hex 40 (This spell is really nasty for those hard to hit rogues; cast this a couple of times and you'll have no problems hitting them. It also can dispel grounding shot.)

Discipline Runes:
Bladeweaver, Runecaster and Undead Hunter

Equipment: 24 Int everything 165 ATR staff with 12 Int. Archmage's of Mastermind hood and robe. CC gloves. 40 stam Windies. Two Peerless of Thunderbolts Balanced Daggers.

Archmage Fury Template

By Roma_Fireheart (original source deleted when Ubi forums were taken offline)

Author's Comments
The biggest misconception is that you need a farming template & a pvp template; you don't. You just need a well built & played fury. This fury isn't meant to be a mine burner, but I have 1 train in it to get the job done when needed or as back up when the wizards miss with theirs. This is an Ice Line Fury, meaning I focus more of my points to boost Cold Damage spells rather than Lightning.

I'm debating on refining Ward from Harm down and GMing Storm Ward or Ice Ward to protect the guild from my aoes. Refining it will open up 40 trains which can also be used for Traveler, and to take Nyth Rune to 20. Reason I want to refine is that before the patch, it was needed to reach 800 or so defense to make use of Blind & Fury of Winds Attack Rating Debuff so that people can't hit you easily afterwards. Now that Shielding gives 400 Defense rather than 250, it basically adds Ward From Harm to it. With Ward From Harm I have roughly 1027 Defense in Ostance, not bad for a Mage. So it's up to you; I'm still debating it.

Featherwands are Sorcery Based, so the 60% in Sorcery that unlocks Blind & Recall will help boost your defense up a little more as well. You can also use Runed of Genius Robe & Hood as well as Lapis of Stormcalling Rings/Amulet. Or Archmage of Genius Robe & Hood and use the extra trains from Ward from Harm to train up Stun. If you do, go with a 27 train stun, it has a 7 second stun and 21 second Imunity, allowing you to cast at least 2 debuffs, (Fury of Wind/DNF) then go off to casting the rest, by the time you get all the debuffs off, literally, the stun immunity will be off and you can stun for another 7 seconds. This can be done with each fury in the group against a different target; 3 furies can lock down 3 to 6 other targets if done right and in unison. Meaning, each fury takes a target, and casts fury of wind/dnf while the other fury casts Hex of the Storm or Ice Fury & Poison, then they all cast the aoes at once; it hurts.

This is the template I currently use for Roma, updated version. I'll post a few others as well as soon as I can find some time to properly level/refine them down.

-5 Str
-5 Dex
-5 Con
Brilliant Mind
Wizard's Apprentice
Scion of the Dar Khelegur

At 75 :
Con 61
Int 190
Spirit 95

Intelligence of the Gods
Battle Magus
- Traveler - Optional but not recommended for this template.

Fury of Ice - GM
Hex of the Ice Fury - GM
Draw Nature's Fury - GM
Fury of Wind - GM
Inflict Poison - GM
Call Blizzard - GM
Call Storm - GM
Call the Sky's Fury - 9 (Enough to unlock Call Storm)
Blind - GM
Stun - 1 Train (to interrupt)
Root - 1 Train
Ward from Harm - GM
Shielding - GM
Flesh Ward - GM
Elemental Ward - GM (only need 20 Trains)
Awaken the Fury - 1 train (for emergencies to transfer life to mana)
Purify - 1 train (to help buffers & group mates when they're OOM)
Chant of Frenzy - 1 train (helps sometimes...)

Disc Powers:
Archmage -

Litany of Will - 20
Chant of Mastery - 1

Runecaster -

Nyth Rune - 1

Battle Magus -

Demolish Spell - 1

Focus Lines:
Stormcalling 169% Base - I took it farther than usual, until it costs 3 trains for 1%.
Sorcery - 60% for Astral Tether & Blind
Warding - 53% for Flesh Ward
(Yes, our focus lines are too spread out)

My gear - Runed of the Mastermind Hood & Robe, Hematite of Stormcalling Rings & Amulet, Avatar's Of Stormcalling Feather Wand.

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