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Flight is the ability for some characters to ascend into the air.


Creatures cannot move diagonally during flight. Moving horizontally while flying provides a base movement speed increase of 30%. While airborne, stamina will drain slowly over time (similar to swimming).


There are 7 "tiers" of flight, which a creature may ascend to one after the other. A player cannot skip tiers when ascending or descending (unless something terrible happens). It takes about 2 seconds to ascend or descend one tier, and during this time the flyer cannot move horizontally.


Attacking while airborne costs more stamina, and spells cost more mana. Grounded players cannot hit any creature that is 2 or more flight tiers in the air.

Bow and Crossbow users, and certain spells can remove or pause flight abilities for their duration. If this happens, the flyer will descend to the ground at the same speed as if they had decended on their own.

Natural Versus Casted Flight

Characters who receive flight through a spell or casted ability will be immediately grounded if they are stunned or snared by an spell of equal or higher rank, and the buff that allowed them to fly will be dispelled.

Players with wings and Furies receive what is called natural flight. Natural flight is not interrupted by stuns or snares, but can still be paused by certain powers.