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This information on this page is fully or partially outdated, and may no longer apply to Shadowbane in its current state because Epic Powers were never added to the live game. See Patch History to stay up-to-date on changes.

Epic Powers were extremely effective powers granted to a player as a reward for reaching their level cap (at the time, level 65), and usually had a long recast timer. Epic powers only existed on the test server, and never made it to live servers due to balance issues and general unpopularity with the player base.

List of Epic Powers

  • Assassin: "Grasp of the Pallid", a single target summon mantle and blocked recall and teleport.
  • Barbarian: "Thews of the Ice Lords", 25-50% resistance to all physical damage for two minutes.
  • Bard: "Cassilda's Dirge of Doom", area of effect bleeding and mana damage over time that excludes nation members.
  • Channeler: "Rend the Tapestry", a massive bolt that deals fire, cold, and lightning damage simultaneously.
  • Confessor: "Wrath of Heaven", single target percent-based fire, stamina, and mana damage.
  • Crusader: "Might of the Archons", personal protection from cold, fire, holy, lightning, magic, and mental damage.
  • Doomsayer: "Dread Taint" area of effect damage, power damage, block, dodge, and parry debuff that excludes nation members.
  • Druid: "Braialla's Embrace", area of effect root, snare, and stun that excludes nation members.
  • Fury: "Lash of the Unmade Sky" area of effect remove all buffs, excludes nation members.
  • Huntress: "Doom-Curse of Hevralis" area of effect deer transformation that excludes nation members (originally it was a personal GM detect hidden players).
  • Prelate: "Join Heaven's Host", a power much like the Templar's Wings of the Seraphim, turned the caster into a white, winged, angelic figure and granted additional constitution, spirit and intelligence. Faded upon taking damage.
  • Priest: "Sevenfold Blessing of the Gods", group remove all negative effects and death shroud.
  • Ranger: "Kenaryn's Rage" personal stacking damage, attack speed, and run speed buff.
  • Scout: "The Master's Path", stamina heal over time and power cost reduction.
  • Sentinel: "Blessed Invocation of the Archons" area of effect group-only percent-based holy damage reduction.
  • Templar: "Saint Malorn's Brand" area of effect fire damage debuff that excludes nation members.
  • Thief: "Catch Me if You Can", personal track protection (cannot be seen by tracking), that lasts up to two minutes. Much like With Catlike Tread.
  • Warlock: "Sanction Absolute", area of effect dispel all effects. excludes no one.
  • Warrior: "Charge of the Vanguard", weapon power, personal stacking run speed buff, and single target stun.
  • Wizard: "Dread Curse of Ag-Sorthoth", area of effect (Sign of Sorthoth), magic damage over time and strength, dexterity debuff.

(Necromancers and Nightstalkers did not exist when epic powers were in use.)

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