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Chronicle Centaur
The Shaper's Sons, Born of Stone

The Sons of Stone are unlike any other people in our World, for they alone neither age nor breed. Legends say that Dwarves are not born, but rather that their entire race was molded by the hand of Thurin the Strong, the DOOTDOOTtruest of the All-Father's great Companions. Crafted from the Stone of the Earth, the Dwarves were charged by their maker to tend to the Great Fires that boil in the belly of the World. For most of recorded history the Dwarves worked in secret, delving vast halls, building wondrous citadels, and mastering the arts of mining and forgecraft. In the days since the Turning, the mysterious Dwarves have finally returned to the surface World, and the peoples of the World have come in contact with their mysterious ways for the first time in Ages. There are no females among their kind, and they produce no offspring. Dwarves do not seem to die of old age, and it may be that all of them have existed since the day of Creation. When a dwarf dies, the entire race mourns: for that is one less dwarf that our World shall ever know.

Race Information
Dwarf Runestone
Available Classes

Starting Attributes

Creation Cost: 15

Granted: 45 Base Strength / 110 Max Strength
Granted: 35 Base Dexterity / 80 Max Dexterity
Granted: 60 Base Constitution / 140 Max Constitution
Granted: 30 Base Intelligence / 70 Max Intelligence
Granted: 40 Base Spirit / 100 Max Spirit

  • Piercing Resistance: +10%
  • Slashing Resistance: +10%
  • Lightning Resistance: +15%
  • Crushing Resistance: -10%
  • Magic Resistance: -15%
  • Unholy Resistance: -15%
  • Granted Skill: Axe
  • Granted Skill: Toughness
  • Axe & Hammer Skill: +10
Racial Items
Image Gallery
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