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Below, you will find a selection of user-created character templates for Doomsayers. Character templates are battle-tested methods for building your character, but do not guarantee success and depend mostly on one's style of play.


Pussball - Nephilim Healer Doomsayer

Starting Runes:

In-Game Runes:

Stats at 75

  • Str: 50
  • Dex: 1
  • Con: 140
  • Int: 170
  • Spr: 46


  • Block: 155%
  • Benediction: 69%
  • Corruption: 150%
  • Restoration: 55%


  • Unleash the Blight: GM
  • Unleash the Taint: GM
  • Vel'Khev's Kiss: GM
  • Sign of Vel'khev: GM
  • Touch Of Chaos: GM
  • The Green Death: GM
  • Glimpse of The Pit: GM
  • Vengance of The Pit: GM
  • Sign of Gellegur: GM
  • Black Pact: 1 point
  • Crimson Pact: 1 point
  • Summon Pheonix: 1 point
  • Summon Efreet: 1 point
  • Summon Genie: 1 point


  • Weapon: Legendary Gilded Scepter of Corruption
  • Shield: [Resist] of Defense
  • Head: Diamond Fiend Skullcap (SDR hat)
  • Chest: +4/+5 Pierce Resist sleeveless tunic
  • Arms: +4/+5 Pierce Resist cloth sleeves
  • Gloves: +4/+5 Pierce Resist cloth gloves
  • Legs: +4/+5 Pierce Resist cloth leggins
  • Feet: +4 Pierce Resist cloth boots of the Windlords
  • Amulet: Charmed of Corruption
  • Rings: Lapis of Corruption

Note: It's always best to keep other sets of jewelry for other situations.

Description: Built to stay in the air at all times. It has very low mana, but this should not be a problem for Doomsayer. Summon one of the Summoner pets if there are no available mana "batteries" to drain from.

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