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The dark days since the Turning have been a time without Gods: for the first time since the World's creation, the great beings who spun the web of history and destiny are all absent. Many think that the Gods are dead, while others cling to the idea that the Age of Strife is but a test, and that someday soon the Gods shall return, to heal the World and reward the faithful. Whatever the truth may be, the Gods of Aerynth have left their mark upon Aerynth: upon its history, its peoples, and even its landscape. To understand the World as it exists now, you must also learn the names and ways of the Gods who steered Aerynth's past, spinning or pummeling it into the present. Ancient chronicles and legends teem with mighty beings whose powers far exceeded those of the "mortals" of today. Loremasters and students of theology have divided them into several categories: the True Gods, the first Seven who fashioned Aerynth and its children, the Fallen Ones, pawns of Chaos who seek the destruction of all that is good, the Demi-Gods, the first archetypes of every race, near in power to the Gods themselves, the Beast Lords, strange Primal entities who manifest in our World as animals, and the Terrors, hideous creatures that may have the power to destroy the World. Finally, beyond the Void lurk the Dark Lords, masters of Chaos, served by endless legions of Demonspawn, but only the depraved or truly mad would ever seek to worship them.

- The Gods of Aerynth