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This region is properly known as the Dalgoth Marches, named for the city of Dalgoth. Dalgoth is the seat of the Holy Patriarch, and the city serves as the center of the Holy Church's power on Aerynth. The Turning cut Dalgoth off from the rest of the Church's dominions, and unrest plagues these lands.

- Dalgoth description

Dalgoth is an alternative game map sometimes used for Shadowbane servers.

The Ardani Barrens (35-60)Sands of Lirellar (20-35)Nin Ashkur Wastes (35-60)Chulleck Desert (20-35)Var Hroth Desert (20-35)Var Keth Sands (20-35)Aered Malgoth (21-35)The Woods of Hevralis (30-50)Jotensgaard (30-50)Mountains of Mur-Tark (21-35)Eisenorr Holm (30-50)G'harron's Reach (30-50)The Horned Plateau (21-35)Titanfell Peaks (30-50)Aeran Belendor (40-60)Arath Thirringel (30-50)Ashes of Nelderost (10-20)Corwald's Folly (20-35)Doomblight (30-50)Emmeron Wilds (20-35)Ish'reen Moor (20-35)Klin Grolluk Woods (20-35)The Bone Warrens (10-20)The Fire Plain (30-50)Xa'thol Mire (35-60)Aegol's Run (20-35)Aeran Sillestor (40-60)Arath Thollonvir (30-50)Emberward (30-50)Forest Mahr'hok (20-35)Harrowvale (35-60)Hoa'vith Fen (20-35)Megrim's Ruin (10-20)Kenaryn's Range (20-35)Rellegoth Moor (30-50)Tainted Swamp (35-60)The Narrovul Wastes (30-50)Vannevaar Forest (20-35)Vashteera's Moat (35-60)Veshtai Bog (35-60)Wendol's Forest (20-35)Wilds of Arvennus (20-35)Lindo Creeklands (1-10)Vales of Hendowar (1-10)Vermin Fens (10-20)Pandemonium (50-70)Southern Battleground (40-60)Western Battleground (40-60)Bone Marches (40-60)Plain of Ashes (50-70)Ring of Auros Mir (Fire)Wanderstone (Earth)Portalstone (Water)Journeystone (Air)Gravenstone (Spirit)Runegate (Law)Doomgate (Death)Lionstone (Fire)Alric's Gate (Earth)Valgrom's Gate (Water)Ring of Verros Mir (Air)Kellast's Gate (Spirit)Maelstrom Gate (Chaos)Sacred DalgothTherikos SennLion's GateSea Dog's RestWanford TownHamlet of GalmordHamlet of Fort BaelinHamlet of Kian RillHamlet of ValoniaHamlet of KestamirBastionPerdition
Map of Dalgoth


Macrozone Listing

Safe Holds

Khan'Ov Srekel

Lion's Gate

Sacred Dalgoth

Sea Dog's Rest

Therikos Senn

Wanford Town

The Parched Isles

Chulleck Desert

Nin Ashkur Wastes

Sands of Lirellar

The Ardani Barrens

Var Hroth Desert

Var Keth Sands

The Northern Reaches

Aered Malgoth

Eisenorr Holm

G'harron's Reach


Mountains of Mur-Tark

Titanfell Peaks

The Horned Plateau

The Woods of Hevralis


Aeran Belendor

Arath Thirringel

Ashes of Nelderost

Corwald's Folly


Emmeron Wilds

Ish'reen Moor

Klin Grolluk Woods

The Bone Warrens

The Fire Plain

Xa'thol Mire


Aegol's Run

Aeran Sillestor

Arath Thollonvir


Forest Mahr'hok


Hoa'vith Fen

Megrim's Ruin

Kenaryn's Range

Rellegoth Moor

Tainted Swamp

The Narrovul Wastes

Vannevaar Forest

Vashteera's Moat

Veshtai Bog

Wendol's Forest

Wilds of Arvennus

Haven Isle

Lindo Creeklands

Vales of Hendowar

Vermin Fens



Southern Battleground

Western Battleground


Bone Marches

Plain of Ashes

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