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Bounty's can be found in the below zones:

Within Khan'Ov Srekel, Erkeng Hold, Aeldreth Havens, Sea Dog's Rest, Perdition, Bastion and the Sanctuary south of the Oblivion Gate you will now find Bondsman. These Bondsman's will sell Bounties which will trigger events, over 130 events have been created.


Aeran Belendor

Aeran Belendor Bounty.jpg

Aerath Hellendroth

Aerath Hellendroth Bounty.jpg

Ashfell Plain

Ashfell Plain Bounty.jpg

Derros Plains

Derros Plains Bounty.jpg

Fellgrim Forest

Fellgrim Forest Bounty.jpg

Grimscairne Bounty

Grimscairne Bounty.jpg

Holloch Forest

Holloch Forest Bounty.jpg

Phaedras Prize

Phaedras Prize Bounty.jpg

The Black Bog

The Black Bog Bounty.jpg

Thollok Marsh

Thollok Marsh Bounty.jpg

Greensward Pyre

Greensward Pyre Bounty.jpg


Kharsoom Bounty.jpg

Lethkhalivar Desert

Lethkhalivar Desert Bounty.jpg

The Blood Sands

The Blood Sands Bounty.jpg

Vale Of Nar Addad

Vale Of Nar Addad Bounty.jpg

The Doomplain

The Doomplain Bounty.jpg

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