Blood Horn Lore

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You dare meet my eyes? I should kill you where you stand! Know this, ten-toed worm. By the dawn you will beg me for death, and then my clan shall feast on your flesh, and your teeth shall adorn my throne! I am Blood Horn, blessed of Morloch! Fear me!

Before you die I shall tell you of our ways, we who were wrought of you, but are better than you. Hear me, then, weakling, and know fear.

It is known, how we Minotaur were made, twisted by the hateful magic of the Pale Ones.

It is known how they bound our wills with magic chains, spells of pain and command.

It is known how we fought in their wars, and made the very ground tremble beneath our hooves.

All this you know.

They who called us slaves thought us slow and stupid, but we were cleverer than they knew. Listen! Hear now of Kordo, the Skullcrusher, Breaker of all Chains. When the Pale Ones turned upon their own kin, Kordo threw off the yoke of the Pale Ones, for he was so strong that he knew no pain, and no magic bindings could hold him. When the fool who would call him slave struck him, Kordo fought back, he gored the weak Elf, and painting his horns black with Elvish blood. He took the heads of every Elf he could see, and roared to his kin. "Blood horn!" they cried, and they too rose against the foul wizards, and soon the strongest of our kind were free. So you see, worm. We were the first. Your weakling kin could not think to turn on their Elf-masters until they had seen us do it. Tell me, weakling, how stupid are we?

And so Kordo took the name Blood Horn, and he was the first to win it. He led his people into the north, far from the realms of the Pale Ones. Many challenged his rule, and most of them died on Kordo's horns. But there were some so brave that Kordo honored them. Kordo chose them to be his Doomguard. They bathed their horns in elfblood, and became nearly as mighty as Kordo himself. The Pale Ones came to take their vengeance, to try and make us again their slaves, but Kordo defied them. He and his Doomguard could not be humbled by their foul spells, and they knew no pain or fear in battle. So Kordo gave his name to his champions to share, and so the greatest of us have bathed our horns, becoming Blood Horn, the strongest of us. I won the name Blood Horn in bloody battle. Could you do so well?

All this you did not know. Even we knew not until long after that Kordo's might was a great gift. It was the Masked God who delivered us, Morloch who was cast down in fire. Like us he had suffered, like us he had been wronged, and like us he raged against all the children of the Gods. From under his mountain Morloch heard Kordo's roars, and found them worthy. From afar he breathed his might upon Kordo, so that his fury had no end and no enchantment could bind his soul. All this we learned from the Masked God himself when he came to us, giving death and life to the Doomsayers. He told the Blood Horns of their mighty destiny, and they listened well.

Your folk seek to drive us from this mountain. Ha! It is we who shall drive you! The Masked God's strength is our strength, the War God's rage is our rage, the Maimed God's vengeance is our destiny. And your doom. You have looked upon a Blood Horn in battle, ten-toes. Remember it. When your flesh springs new at your tree, tell your people. Tell them Grimmoch Blood Horn is coming.

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