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Map of Bastion

The Order of Sentinels bids you welcome to Bastion. You've come here none too soon. Of the dozen watch forts that once ringed the Chaos Gate, this is the last. The rest have fallen, swept away by the demonic hordes that are now moving through the Chaos Gate. The Gate itself lies north of here, past the battleground where the eleventh fortress once stood. The Lord General has decreed that all who do battle with demons are welcome in Bastion, and all who fight Chaos do so with the blessings of the All-Father. Rest yourself, buy what provisions you need, then go forth to battle!

- Wolfram, Runemaster of Bastion

Bastion is an NPC free hold city on all mapsets. Players may not teleport or repledge to Bastion. The city is themed after the Order of the Sentinels.

Non-Magic Armor

Bastion vendors sell non-magic top-tier armor.


Bastion is located on the island of Maelstrom southwest of Southern Battleground and the Maelstrom runegate.