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Attack Speed is the rate at which a character swings their weapon. It is measured in-game using tenths of a second. For instance, and attack speed of 40 equates to one attack every four seconds.


Each weapon has a base weapon speed score, as shown on its mouseover. This score is further modified enchantments placed upon it, and the wielder's own attack speed buffs (if any).

Increased weapon speed is represented by a negative modifier in-game. This is to show that the modifier is reducing the delay between weapon swings.

Attack Speed Cap

Like most things in the game, a cap does exist on how fast one can attack. The attack speed cap is 10 (one attack per hand per second).


Attack Speed = Base Weapon Speed * (1 - Alacrity Prefix/100) * (1 - Alacrity Suffix/100) * (1 - Stance Bonus/100) * (1 - Alacrity buffs/100)

  • Doomfist = 21.5 speed (1 attack every 2.15 seconds)
  • Legendary Doomfist = 18.275 speed (1 attack every 1.8275 seconds) // 21.5*(1-15/100)
  • Legendary Doomfist of Alacrity = 14.62 speed (1 attack every 1.462 seconds) // 18.275*(1-20/100)
  • Legendary Doomfist of Alacrity with -40% Alacrity buff = 8.772 speed (1 attack every 0.8772 seconds) // 14.62*(1-40/100)

In the above example, a Legendary Doomfist of Alacrity with -40% Alacrity buff would be considered inefficient as the player has exceeded the speed cap and receives no benefit from additional attack speed.

Pros and Cons

A fast weapon speed results in more damage per second (DPS). However, so too can increased damage per swing. Below, we weight the pros and cons of a faster attack speed versus more damage per swing.


  • Spike damage, which is difficult for healers to predict.
  • More chances for a Proc to fire.
  • Better chance of bypassing Fortitude