Aeran Belendor

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Map of Aeran Belendor

Once a mighty stronghold of the Elves, the Archmagi wrought mighty spells here. But now the fey woods run with blood; the Rise of Chaos sundered the wards, and an ancient Terror was loosed from its prison!

- Aeran Belendor

Aeran Belendor is an Elf-themed macrozone that offers elite equipment and unique flora that sways in the wind. This zone is recommended for players level 40 through 60.


Discipline Runes

  • Animator: Erleggon the Corpse Stealer, 63114 x 51624
  • Traveler: Knellican the Black, 83200 x 64800
  • Forge Master: Halfdan the Black, 86000 x 64900


Master of Swords
Master of Staves
Master of Great Swords



Resource Mine Products


Microzone Listing

  1. Elven War Camp (A) (Crimson Circle Robe)
  2. Demon Battleground (Vorgrim Dagger)
  3. Elven Watchpost (A) (Crimson Circle Hood)
  4. Elven War Camp (B)
  5. Chaos Incursion (Forge Master)
  6. Griffin Spawning Ground
  7. City of Eglan Nanvirond (Trainers: Archer, Archmage, Black Mask, Blade Weaver, Commander, Enchanter, Summoner, Thrall, Traveler, and an Elven builder (56763, 61617) and steward (56836, 61793)
  8. Chimaera Grounds
  9. An Unnamed Camp
  10. Vranaxxas' Prison
  11. Elven War Camp (C)
  12. Elven Watchpost (B)
  13. Shrine of Anloraid (Crimson Circle Gloves)
  14. Elven Stronghold (Crimson Circle Staff)
  15. Elven Ruins (Traveler)
  16. Magic Mine
  17. Magic Turret (A)
  18. Chaos Watchpost (Vorgrim Light Armor Arms)
  19. Magic Turret (B)
  20. Ruins of Calryndil
  21. Battleground Ruins
  22. Magic Turret (C) (Animator)
  23. Chaos Guard Post (Vorgrim Light Armor Vest)
  24. Arena of Torment (Vranaxxas)
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