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Patch 5.3.0

Patch 5.3.0 is a bugfix patch with QOL adjustments to the Noob Island PvP System.


  • PvP on Noob Island has been restricted by nation. Killing your own nation is no longer allowed.

Bug Fixes

  • Ranger track has been corrected to correct range and cast time. Range has been shortened from 1408 to 1280, cast time increased to align with non-scout track.
  • Resolved an issue where another player tracking you removed your track arrow.
  • Resolved an issue when a successful raid defense causes a withdraw on the warehouse.
  • Resolved an issue when selling low tier items.
  • Resolved an issue where mana usage and regeneration was not calculating correctly in-flight. (./printregen now shows mana regeneration rate)
  • 110% Blademaster Swords now require the correct amount of resources to roll.


  • The way the server calculates skills, abilities and bonuses based on the race selected has been refactored and cleaned up.

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Next Version: 5.3.1
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