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  • Pets are no longer attacked by friendly guards.
  • Joining a guild through an Open Tree by clicking Join Guild in the Tree of Life interface window no longer causes a character disconnect.
  • R8 Titles now correctly stay after a server reset.
  • Inner council members are now able to use the ./flushcitygold command.
  • Improvement to the launcher code.
  • Noob Island Buffs now correctly remove after leaving the island.
  • Bounty Gold Drops have been significantly increased.
  • Glass Bow & Glass Crossbow weapon speed has been normalized to align with DPS increase of other Glass Weapons.
  • Mastery System Implementation has started, forges will now show new items.

Larrow.png Previous Version: 5.11.0 Rarrow.png
Next Version: 5.13.0
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