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Patch 5.1.1

Patch 5.1.1 is a minor patch to improve R8 Rewards and resolve spawning issues with certain bounties.

Improved R8 Rewards

R8 Encounters are now more prosperous. Their loot tables have been improved.

  • 10x Fabled Stockpile (Common resources will drop in stacks of 120, Rare & XPAC resources will drop in stacks of 60)
  • 2x Alternate Elite Gear Pieces
  • 2x Racial Followers (NPC's) related to Biome
  • 3x Mysterious Rune (High Level Stat Rune)
  • 1,000,000 Gold
  • 1x Realm Charter
  • 5x Elan Stones (Offerings)

Bounty Changes

The below bounties are now ready to be engaged, happy hunting!

  • Veteran Bounty: Bruvthok
  • Veteran Bounty: Captain Skribthog
  • Veteran Bounty: Ixek-Kulaach
  • Veteran Challenge Bounty: Warchief Yargek
  • Veteran Challenge Bounty: Zaulozirask

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Next Version: 5.2.0
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