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Patch 5.1.0

Patch 5.1.0 is designed to improve rewards and shift resources nodes to better support the population.


Bug Fixes

Movement around rotated buildings is now working as intended.


Veteran, Veteran Challenge & Veteran Raid bounties have had a large XP boost added to their reward. We are continuing to monitor the resource drops and will adjust as needed. More to come regarding updates to R8 Rewards in our next patch!


Mine windows have been adjusted to move low-contested mines into windows that have shown higher amounts of Guild v Guild conflict.

New Mine Windows
1 PM 1 Hour
2 PM 30 Minute
5 PM 1 Hour
6 PM 30 Minute
6 PM 1 Hour
6 PM 1 Hour XPAC
7 PM 1 Hour
8 PM 30 Minute
8 PM 1 Hour
8 PM 1 Hour XPAC
9 PM 30 Minute
9 PM 1 Hour XPAC
10 PM 30 Minute x2
10 PM 1 Hour
10 PM 1 Hour XPAC
11 PM 30 Minute
11 PM 1 Hour

Data Site

Data Pipeline for Damage & Heals has been re-enabled for improved player statistics. [1]

Larrow.png Previous Version: 5.0.0 Rarrow.png
Next Version: 5.1.1
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