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Patch 5.0.0

Patch 5.0.0 is aligned with Season 5 Wipe. Season 5 will start on 6/28.



A new content system has been developed, The Bounty System. This system utilizes our Sequential Mob Spawn system. Within Khan'Ov Srekel, Erkeng Hold, Aeldreth Havens, Sea Dog's Rest, Perdition, Bastion and the Sanctuary south of the Oblivion Gate you will now find Bondsman. These Bondsman's will sell Bounties which will trigger events, over 130 events have been created.

Bounties are contracts you can purchase to start an event. The Bounty will detail the mob and location you need to find and kill. Once you have reached the location, execute the contract and the event will begin. Each Bounty event will drop Bounty Satchels, which have a chance to drop rewards.

There are 4 levels of Bounties with cost ranging from 10k-300k

  • Adept - Main reward large XP. Suggested Level R4/R5
  • Veteran - Main reward Agate. Suggested Level R6+
  • Veteran Challenge - Main rewards resources, racial hirelings. Suggested Level R6+, multiple characters
  • Veteran Raid - Main rewards resources, offerings and racial hirelings. Suggested Level R7+, multiple characters

Zone Refresh

Three zones have been refreshed, Thollok Marsh, Aeran Belendor & Tainted Swamp. This includes replacing both buildings and mobs.

Ice Refresh

Vorringia Map Update
Ice has been reconfigured to move Doomhorn Skrae closer to Erkeng hold. Ymur's Crown has also been re-implemented, this zone used to be known as Jotensgaard. City placement in Kralgaard (Realm Ymur's Crown resides in) is not allowed.

R8 Encounters

  • Draug-Torvald R8 Encounter has been implemented and polished.
  • Vranaxxas R8 Encounter has been implemented and polished.
  • Ithriana R8 Encounter has been implemented and polished.
  • Realm charters have been removed from random world drops and are now available through the R8 encounter system.
  • R8 encounters now also drop alternate Vorg pieces. These alternate pieces are not obtainable through normal Elite Mob drops.


  • Raidstones system will remain in game.
  • Blade Weaver Blade Dance has had its damage range increased and maximum targets raised to 50.
  • Blade Master Whirlwind Attack has had its damage range increased and maximum targets raised to 50.
  • Resource Rolling costs have been changed to standardize resource consumption.
  • Resource tool tips have been updated to explain what magical properties they can be used with.

Bug Fixes

  • Saboteur With Catlike Tread has had its stacking priority fixed to prevent issues when using with Sneak or Stalk.
  • Natural Flyers can no longer fly up or down if stunned. A stun will not ground a natural flyer.
  • Players no longer receive error message when looting if R8 Warehouse Mercantile is full.
  • Resolved a bug around forcing equipped items to inventory.
  • Resolved a bug allowing group formation on player city grids.
  • Resolved a bug causing player sync issues near buildings.

Improved Resource Tool Tips
Torvald, Thrall of Winter!
Sullivan Oakenbrow, the Aeldreth Havens Bondsman
Sayid, the Khan'Ov Srekel Bondsman
Peyton Shallows, the Sea Dog's Rest Bondsman
Voice of Voth'ss - Lubaan Tun Bounty Event
Maer Irathien - Updated Aeran Belendor Zone
Clan Veshtai - Updated Thollok Marsh Zone
Tainted Tree of Life - Updated Tainted Swamp Zone
Refreshed Vranaxxas R8 Encounter

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