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Patch 4.9.0

Patch 4.9.0 is a code refactor patch. This patch is quite large, addressing some of the most frequent support cases the staff triage's day to day.


  • Resolved bug where powers untrained after server reset or hard log-out.
  • Resolved bug where login error messages would not show, incorrect password, MAC not registered etc.
  • Remove item storage on NPC's not designed to hold items. Moving forward Vendors & Merchants will be the only NPC's able to store items.

Internal Code Improvements:

  • Cleanup of database and engine layers
  • Refactored world object loading.
  • Refactor of training.
  • Bane & City Code Refactor

Note: This patch has the potential to uncover additional bugs. If you have training points you are not able to spend, target yourself and type ./printtrains and send the results to the staff.

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Next Version: 4.10.0
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