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Patch 4.10.0

Patch 4.10.0 is focused around bug fixing and additional code cleanups.


  • Resolved issue where players would go to Seafloor when using bridges in Phaedra's Prize.
  • Players now receive credit for kills when your pet has the final blow.
  • Players will now have a delay when leaving guild to teleport off Noob Island if in combat.
  • Movement Sync code when flying has been improved to prevent grounding during resync.
  • Movement Sync has been optimized and improved.
  • Issue that caused negative trains has been fixed.
  • Errant buildings are now able to be correctly managed.
  • Fixed printtrains command for admins

Internal Code Improvements:

  • Refactored code around building cache.
  • Removed code analysis code.
  • Fixed health manager stack overflow.
  • Mass cleanup of dead code.
  • Removed deprecated method usage in Effect & EffectsBase code.
  • Removed deprecated WorldGrid methods.

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Next Version: 4.11.0
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