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Patch 4.0.0 Release Candidate

Patch 4.0.0 RC

Movement, Water, Flight, Mobs/Guards, Buildings, Runegates, Translocation, Summoning & Mob zones have all been reworked to issues around player location. This should greatly reduce the amount of player location & movement bugs we have seen plague this server.


  • Altitude implemented into all calculations. Previously the game server viewed the world completely flat.
  • Movement speed adjusted so align with altitude
  • Cast Ranges adjusted to align with altitudes


  • Water now correctly drains stamina
  • Porting forward in water has been greatly improved
  • Death in water has been re-implemented


  • Flight has been adjusted for altitude calculations
  • Taking off & landing on walls/buildings is greatly improved
  • Flight speed bonus now correctly removed after death or recall


  • Mobs & Guards now use targeting to align with altitude adjustments
  • The movement range of Mobs & Guards has been greatly improved (You should see less rubber banding)


  • City Terraforming has been greatly improved.
  • Buildings now correctly place with altitude
  • Line of Sight updates have been implemented to improve casting/attacking through walls
  • Tower Captains can now be placed on walls
  • Wall Trebs now can be placed on walls
  • Wall Archers have been re-implemented
  • Building Names now show on Runemaster Protection Slots


  • When landing on Runegates, you will now land on the Runegate instead of under
  • When recalling to Runegate, you will now be placed on the Runegate instead of under.

Translocation Spells:

  • Translocation spells now include altitude, teleporting onto walls & buildings is improved.
  • Summoning onto buildings now include altitude, summoning onto buildings is improved.

Mob Zones:

  • Mob zones have been moved to have the correct altitude.

Non-Movement Related:

Mob Aggro:

  • Mob Threat has been reworked to clean up and improve logic. This will greater balance mob aggro between healing, buffing/debugging & damage.
  • Mob call for help now correctly works
  • Implemented Health Scaling Aggro
  • Healing no longer doubles hate


  • Siege Damage Type is now correctly working, previously all damage from siege engines was counted as crushing. Siege damage types will now be modified correctly by the supporting discipline runes.
  • Sapper - Undermine Foundations now correctly applies -30% siege resistance
  • Artillerist - Leaden Rig now correctly applies resistance buffs
  • Sanctifier - Sacred Reinforcement now correctly applies Fortify +30% siege resistance
  • Sanctify the Fallen now correctly removes bleeds
  • Contagion's corrected to delay first DoT tick 5 seconds to align with all other Damage & Dot spells in the game.
  • Shadowmantle - Shadowmantle now working as intended
  • Backstab - Now correctly ignores passive defense

Windows 10 Middle Mouse pan

  • Middle mouse pan is now working again for windows 10 users. To fix this issue, you must download and this SB.exe version. To use, replace your sb.exe in your Shadowbane directory with this modified version.


  • Cleaned up contract looting, when looted item should correctly remove from a grave.
  • Stack similar resource types in your inventory by using the "./stackresources" command.
  • Split a resource by selecting it, and using the "./splitresource X" command, X is the quantity you want split.

Tree Ownership

  • Resolved bugs around city transfer.
  • Resolved a bug where a tree does not protect after successful bane defense.
  • Item rolling with gold locked on warehouse now works as intended.
  • Items batch rolled when NPC is full no longer causes inventory display issues.
  • Wall deeds no longer consume on use.
  • Plain of Ashes mine now correctly will allow additional resource types to roll.


  • Secondary guard types now correctly spawn (Elven Arcanist, Winter Mystic etc)

Noob Island:

  • PvP is enabled in GrimStaark Peaks
  • Health, Mana & Stamina Regen issues after leaving noob island fixed.


  • Adjustments to logging around powers manager to normalize outputs.
  • Frameworks implemented for Raidstones & Adventure systems - More to come in the future on these.

Character Creation:

  • We have altered the deal, Gold is now granted once per day for new characters. This change will resolve characters who rarely received gold (Romeo). Pray we do not alter it any further!

User Interface:

  • Mouse Over Tool-Tips now includes improved information around spell type, range, and other critical information.


  • Hotzone Rotation has been expanded.
  • Gold drops have been reverted across the map to previous season levels.

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