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The August 2005 Content Patch (patch 7) was added to Shadowbane on August 1st, 2005.

Racial Changes
  • Added two global chat channels: "/global" and "/trade."
  • Added class-specific chat channels.
  • The channels are named after the class they're about (e.g. "/ranger," "/templar").
  • You're automatically subscribed to the appropriate channel for your class, but you can turn it off like other channels.
  • You may subscribe to any class channel, but you can't send messages to it unless you're the same class.
  • Improved the ignore functionality. (Remember, type "/ignore [player name]" to never hear from the given player again.)
  • The ignore list now persists!
  • The ignore list holds more names.
  • A HUD that lists and allows you to remove ignored players is available under "Info/Help" on the main menu.
  • PvP deaths are now broadcast across the world.
  • Added "/invite," a command to remotely add members to a group.
  • Players should no longer get 'stuck' after going through a runegate
  • Reduced the group experience and gold grant radius.
  • The hotbar is now included in the default interface layout.
  • Errants no longer appear as though they're guilded with each other on the local map.
  • Fixed an issue with some starting runes.
  • Fixed some typos and grammatical errors in item names and success messages
World Changes
  • The Black Market has arrived in Sea Dog's Rest! Friendly folks are selling sets of pre-enchanted gear.
  • Bursars are now known as bankers.
  • Modified the hotzone loot drop rate.
Racial Changes
  • Fixed an issue with inns. Provided you can afford it, you can now respawn there, as advertised.
Class Changes
Discipline Changes
  • Thieves may take the Black Mask discipline.
  • The Gorgoi power Crimson Pact's snare component should no longer stack with other snares.
  • Reduced the stamina cost of the Saboteur power With Catlike Tread.
  • The Werewolf power Wolf-Lord's Cunning is now properly labeled as an attack debuff.

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