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Patch 1.6, the Reforged in Flame phase 3 patch, is currently in Open Testing.

  • A new item, the Scroll of Knowledge has been added. This item will grant you a level of experience on use and is contained in rewards related to Outposts, Noob Island, Hotzones and the Glory system. It will grant two levels of experience if you are below level 60.
  • A new item, the Font of Wisdom has been added. This item will grant your group a bonus 33% Experience Rate for 10 minutes upon use. This does not stack with a Potion of Wisdom. It has a 10s Activation time, which breaks on use. Don't use it in combat and make sure your group mates are nearby!
  • A new item, the Potion of Wisdom has been added. This item will grant you a bonus 33% Experience Rate for 30 Minutes. This does not stack with a Font of Wisdom.
  • Psychic Shout is now group friendly, instead of 10-ally friendly. Unholy Storm, Call Lightning (Channeler), Saint Lorne's Ire and Psychic shout are now the group-friendly Area of Effect spells.
  • The 20% damage bonus to certain Damaging Aoes has been reverted. These now deal 20% less damage.
  • All Area of Effect spells have had their Radius normalized to 30 units. This is an increase for Mind Trap (Warlock Root) & Divine Word of Binding (Sentinel Big Bomb) from 20 to 30, but is otherwise a reduction for all other powers, from 40 to 30.
  • The 5/55 Rule has been reverted. All Area of Effect Spells now hit for full damage or effect on a maximum of 7 Targets.
  • Glass no longer drops in Hotzones. Instead, you an item similar to the old Fate Peddler mechanic drops which has a chance to drop glass and other goodies. This item drops much more often than glass used to, and only drops in hotzones.

Character Creation
  • Resistance Runes now grant +10 Resistance.
  • Blood of the Desert (Irekei Racial Rune) now gives +5% Fire and +5% Movement Speed. This rune may in the future be found as a rare drop ingame.

  • Racial spell resistances have been normalized to be +/- 20 resistance to help make Race more of an impact on your character and accentuate unique decisions, all the while reducing confusion regarding the resistances. See below for races' new resist spreads, as some new weaknesses have been added to races.
    • Minotaur Mental Resistance has been adjusted from -10 to -20, Minotaur additionally now have -20 Poison Resistance.
    • Irekei no longer have 10% bonus movement speed, and have -20% Cold Resistance down from -10%. We will look at future updates to Blood Prophet & Sun Dancer instead.
    • Vampire Resistance profile changed to +20 Poison/Cold/Unholy & -20 Holy/Fire, +20 Healing.
    • Half Giant Resistance profile is now +20 Cold / -20 Fire.
    • Aracoix Resistance profile is now +20 Mental / -20 Lightning.
    • Centaur Resistance profile is now -20 Unholy. Additionally, the -5% movement speed reduction imposed in RiF 1.0 has been removed.
    • Elf Resistance profile is now +20 Magic / Holy & -20 Healing / Bleeding.
    • Shade Resistance profile is now +20 Unholy / Poison & -20 Holy.
    • Nephilim Resistance profile is now +20 Lightning / Fire, -20 Holy/ -20 Magic.
    • Dwarves no longer gain Juggernaut at creation.
    • Dwarf resistance profile has been changed to +10 Slashing, +10 Piercing, -10 Crushing (Negative value!), +20 Lightning, -20 Magic, -20 Unholy. From: +10 to all physical, +5 lightning, -5 Magic/Unholy.

  • 6 Outposts have been enabled. Capture them for your nation to earn the ability to teleport to the Outpost, use its Shrines to gain Rank 1 Boons or use its unique benefits such as proximity to a Runegate.
  • Capture Outposts by killing the Outpost Lord. Outposts will be difficult to take without sufficient force (3-5 people). Some Outposts will require greater force than that. (5-10).
  • Once captured, an Outpost may not change hands for (24) hours. If your Outpost is under attack, you will be notified.
  • Successfully taking an Outpost will grant you an Outpost Reward Package. It will contain a variety of rewards.
  • Outposts have Votaries that grant bonuses to your character in exchange for a weakness. They stack with all boons, except themselves.
  • Please Note: Outposts are in their first form. There are known issues right now with them and these issues will be hotfixed. Goldspar Garrison & Stormwing Incursion may not be claimed and will be activated when ready.


  • Stormwing Incursion (desert outpost) and Goldspar Garrison (Harrowvale outpost) have been fixed and are ready for capture and control.
  • A new info command has been added, ./outposts, to display vulnerabilities of the different outposts on the map.

City & Siege
  • Resource costs for crafting of all ranks will be reduced. This does not include expansion resources (Obsidian, Bloodstone, Galvor, Wormwood), which will remain the same.
  • ATR & DEF debuff spires have been slightly reduced in potency to -15% through to -30%.
  • The delay timer for bane reactivation after a server crash has been reduced to 20 minutes (previously was a 30 minute delay).



  • Shadowmantle has been adjusted to have a 15s Cooldown, down from 30s.


  • Song of Spring has been increased from +15 Elemental Resistance to +20 Elemental Resistance.


  • Sanctuary of Faith now lasts for 10 seconds, up from 6. Cooldown increased from 30s to 60s.
  • Sanctuary of Faith now Wards against Holy, but no longer Wards against Unholy damage. The power is now also tagged as a chant, and as such may be blocked by Silence.


  • Leech of Souls' Cooldown has been increased from 30 to 60s.
  • Leech of Souls' Cast Time has been lowered to 3s from 4. Leech of Souls' Effect duration has been increased from 15s to 30s.


  • Breath of Spring healing increased by 33%. Mana cost has been reduced from 240 base to 140 base.
  • Breath of Spring now also Wards against Unholy damage in addition to its current Bleeding, Poison & Fire.


  • A bug with Tend the Wounded has been fixed. Its cast time is now 2.5 instead of 3.



  • Sentinel's Big Bomb no longer has an ATR Check. This will be properly reflected in your mouseover in patch 1.7.
  • The cast time for Divine Word of Binding has been increased from 4s to 5s, its Classic Live-like state.
  • After receiving a Divine Word of Binding, for 5s any subsequent Divine Word of Bindings will deal 50% less damage.



  • Fury's Call Blizzard & Call Storm now appropriately hit everyone, besides the caster, in the area of effect.

  • Sanctifier's Sacred Fortification power has been reworked into "Unwavering Faith", a personal Stun Immunity power. This power is dispelled by any "powerful" (9s+ duration) stuns - absorbing the stun, but protects the caster from lesser stuns without being broken.
  • Forgemaster's Harden Armor no longer grants Crushing resistance.
  • Conjurer has been reworked. Call of the Dark Lords now summons a Draatch at PR-0 to PR-20 & a Daelanc at PR-21 to PR-40. (NOTE: THERE ARE KNOWN ISSUES WITH THIS POWER. IT MAY BE HOTFIXED IN THE COMING DAYS/WEEKS)
  • Conjurer's Dark Lord's Favor has been reworked into Arcane Binding, a short-range (60) Power Block (4s to 8s) and Bleeding Damage over Time spell. Based on Warding.
  • Conjurer's Dark Lord's Boon has been changed to become a Single Target Pet Empower & Drain. Drain a pet of its life, healing you while at the same time increasing the pet's offensive output (50%). Based on Warding.

  • Glory & Mine successes no longer grant experience. Instead, you are rewarded with an item similar to the old Fate Peddler mechanic. Have fun and good luck!

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