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Territories of Dalgoth Marches

Lore on ARAC

Lore on ARAC is a feature which released with SBEmu's RiF patch. Players may flag their character as either a Lore or ARAC at character creation. This decision determines the rules by which that character may join a guild. Characters which select the normal option (ARAC) to not receive any of the perks or penalties listed on this page. The rules for LoA are as follows:

  • Lore characters must join a guild made with a charter which does not prohibit both their race and class choice.
  • Nations can only form upon one Charter Type or "Faction". For example, a Dwarfhold can only swear fealty to another Dwarfhold.
  • Lore characters of differing Factions may not group with one another.
  • Beneficial Powers can only be cast on members of the same Faction. Take note that Summon is a beneficial power.
  • Members of an Errant Guild will have responses based off of their Faction. For example, an Unholy Legion Guild without a Nation can still cast beneficial powers on other members of Unholy Legion Guilds.
  • Errant Guilds of the same Faction cannot group amongst each other, only with members of their own guild.
  • True Errant Players that have no guild or faction cannot group with anyone or cast beneficial powers upon anyone or have any cast upon them.


Unique Characters

Lore characters may promote to the following nontraditional race/class combinations:

  • Aracoix Healer Druid
  • Aracoix Healer Fury
  • Centaur Fighter Bard
  • Centaur Fighter Scout
  • Dwarf Fighter Bard
  • Dwarf Fighter Scout
  • Dwarf Healer Channeler
  • Nephilim Healer Priest
  • Shade Healer Priest (Shade Priests must begin as Mages, their base class changes to Healer upon promotion)

Favored Terrain

Charters possess one or more types of terrain which are considered 'favored'. Lore characters belonging to a Guild possessing a Tree of Life planted within favored terrain receive several statistical bonuses while adventuring within that territory. For example, a Human Ranger belonging to a Ranger's Brotherhood guild which owns a city in the Borderlands forest territory of Dalgoth Marches would receive the following while in that territory, but not while in the desert territory of Ketharuun:

  • +20 to all Statistics
  • +5% DEF/ATR/DMG/HP whilst at Banes within Favored Terrain

Stronger Boons

  • The Boon which a lore character receives from their city's shrines are slightly more powerful.

Extra Spire

  • Lore nations may place an additional spire within their city grid.

The Charters

Amazon Temple Safehold
Fort Irsadeng (Amazon Temple)

Races: Aelfborn, Centaur, Elf, Half Giant & Human
Classes: Bard, Channeler, Druid, Fury, Huntress, Priest, Scout, Warrior & Wizard
Unique: Female Only; this is the only Faction that has a gender restriction.
Favored Biome: Swamp

Aracoix Kh'ree Safehold
The Aerie (Aracoix Kh'ree)

Races: Aracoix
Classes: Assassin, Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Fury, Huntress, Priest, Ranger, Scout, Thief, Warlock & Warrior
Unique: Gain a stacking +30% damage while wielding a Siege Weapon
Favored Biome: Desert & Ice

Barbarian Clan Safehold
Brakkolumbir (Barbarian Clan)

Races: Aelfborn, Half Giant, Human & Minotaur
Classes: Barbarian, Bard, Doomsayer, Druid, Fury, Huntress, Priest, Scout & Thief
Favored Biome: Ice

Centaur Cohort Safehold
Fort Ekarros (Centaur Cohort)

Races: Centaur
Classes: Barbarian, Bard, Crusader, Druid, Huntress, Prelate, Priest, Ranger, Scout, Sentinel & Warrior
Unique: Gain a stacking +30% damage while wielding a Siege Weapon
Favored Biome: Plains & Forest

Church of the All-Father Safehold
Greensward Parish (Church of the All-Father)

Races: Aelfborn, Elf, Half Giant & Human.
Classes: Bard, Channeler, Crusader, Nightstalker, Prelate, Priest, Scout, Sentinel, Warrior & Wizard
Unique: Warriors must apply the Knight rune before joining
Favored Biome: Plains

Cult of the Scourge Safehold
Morloch's Wrath (Cult of the Scourge)

Races: Minotaur & Nephilim.
Classes: Assassin, Barbarian, Bard, Channeler, Doomsayer, Fury, Priest, Scout, Thief, Warrior, Warlock & Wizard
Unique: Nephilim can become Priests in this charter
Favored Biome: Swamp & Wasteland

Dwarfhold Safehold
Korvambar (Dwarfhold)

Races: Dwarf
Classes: Crusader, Prelate, Priest, Sentinel, Warrior, Scout, Bard & Channeler
Unique: Gain a stacking +30% damage while wielding a Siege Weapon
Favored Biome: Plains, Ice & Wasteland

High Court Safehold
Aelarnost (High Court)

Races: Elf & Minotaur
Classes: Assassin, Bard, Channeler, Druid, Necromancer, Prelate, Priest, Ranger, Scout, Sentinel, Thief, Warrior & Wizard
Unique: Prohibited Discipline: Bloodhorn
Favored Biome: Forest & Ice

Ranger Brotherhood Safehold
Wood's Hollow (Ranger's Brotherhood)

Races: Aelfborn, Elf, Half Giant, Human & Shade
Classes: Assassin, Bard, Channeler, Druid, Nightstalker, Priest, Ranger, Scout, Thief & Wizard
Favored Biome: Forest

Temple of the Cleansing Flame Safehold
Gray Sands (Temple of the Cleansing Flame)

Races: Half Giant & Human
Classes: Assassin, Bard, Channeler, Confessor, Nightstalker, Priest, Scout, Sentinel & Templar
Favored Biome: Desert & Wasteland

Unholy Legion Safehold
Duskfall Point (Unholy Legion)

Races: Human, Shade & Vampire
Classes: Assassin, Channeler, Necromancer, Priest, Scout, Thief, Warlock, Warriors & Wizard
Favored Biome: Wasteland

Virakt Safehold
Kaal Tharkhan (Virakt)

Races: Irekei
Classes: Assassin, Bard, Channeler, Fury, Huntress, Nightstalker, Priest, Ranger, Scout, Thief, Warrior & Wizard
Favored Biome: Desert & Forest

Wizard's Conclave Safehold
Qibbura Outpost (Wizard's Conclave)

Races: Aelfborn, Elf, Human, Nephilim & Shade
Classes: Assassin, Bard, Channeler, Doomsayer, Fury, Necromancer, Nightstalker, Priest, Scout, Warlock & Wizard
Favored Biome: Plains & Swamp