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Weapon Styles, also known as Weapon Powers or simply Styles, are Powers with restricted usage in conjunction with a specific weapon. Weapon Styles can only be used if you are in the combat mode and have the matching weapon in use (for example, "press the foe", a sword weapon style, may only be used if the character wields a sword). Weapon styles go into effect during the next swing of one's weapon after they are cast. A weapon style will increase the user's damage for one swing, and may also hinder his target in one or more of the following ways:

There are also some unique weapon powers available to disciplines and classes:

For a list of all Weapon Styles in-game, visit this page

Style Casting

"Style-casting" was once a technique used by any character who used a ranged power with an attack rating-based success chance. Given the fact that most weapon styles used to grant a temporary increase to attack rating, one could use a weapon style briefly before using another power, thereby gaining the additional attack rating. Attack rating bonuses were removed to prevent style casting.

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