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Faith, purest of qualities, has had so much to endure in these dark times. Ever since the Turning, when the Gods fell silent and all the World was changed, those called by their faith to the various clergies have had to fight many battles. They have fought against the horrors that Chaos and Shadow unleashed upon the face of Aerynth. They have fought the wickedness and heresy of the deluded, the ignorant souls who looked upon the Age of Strife and declared that all the Gods are dead. But most of all, they fought their own doubt. All priests are drawn to serve their flock, or their kin, sustaining them through miracles of faith. In a world full of pain and hate, a world where all prayers bring only silence, it is all too easy for faith to wither. Too many called to the Path of Faith have left their posts, and every religion has suffered in the century since Shadowbane was lost and the world was broken. But a few have clung to their faith. And now, even as a new darkness looms, our faith is finally being rewarded.

There are some who say the Gods are returning. Morloch's treasons were but the first hint of a great reawakening. Look to the new rulers who have taken hold of dominions across the face of the world. What do they all have in common? They share the Blessings of Wisdom, Power, and Fortune, and they gained their rule through the Divine Mandate of the Gods. The Gods are testing them, and rewarding their worthiness with the divine right of kings, unseen since the Age of Kings ended. This alone is sign enough to bring hope to all peoples, yet there are other signs: the Sanctifiers have appeared, high priests whose powers rival those of the blessed ancients who walked beside their Gods and knew their presence daily. I am such a one.

No, I have not heard the All-Father's voice in my prayers and meditations, nor has He appeared to me in any vision. But I can surely tell you this: my faith has led me to an awakening unlike any I have ever known, and I have the power to work miracles, the likes of which have not been seen since Aerynth was whole. Priests of all faiths have experienced similar awakenings, and none too soon: we Sanctifiers are desperately needed.

War has always gripped our world in its bloody claws, but this new War of Realms is a storm that will shatter nations and bathe the world in blood. The faith of a priest or holy man can sustain a small band with prayers and healing, but greater blessings are needed in time of war. Those blessed enough to awaken as Sanctifiers have enough faith to serve as the healers and defenders of entire cities. Our blessings can repair and fortify structures, and drive the chill of death away from those in their care. As the War of Realms has plunged all lands into bitter fighting, we Sanctifiers are of crucial importance to the new dominions that are stirring. Once enough rulers have been tested by the gods and aided by Sanctifiers have ascended their new thrones, perhaps another sign shall be granted to the faithful, or the Gods themselves will finally return!

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