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The Secrets of Power Maintenance Patch (patch 3.5) was added to Shadowbane on 8/25/2004




  • Specific resistant-based Damage Absorbers will now only be affected by those damage types (i.e., a Fire Damage Absorber will only be effected by Fire-based attacks)
  • Implemented additional data integrity safeguards within the server back-up process
  • The Wind Bow has been fixed and uses Dexterity as it's main Attribute
  • Bow attacks report just the block and not also a miss with passive defense
  • You will no longer have your fingers dislocated when you wear Heavy Studded Leather Gloves
  • Character creation will no longer hang if a first name isn't entered
  • The Poison Effect from creatures must now be dispelled by a Level 40 Antidote spell
  • Crimson Circle Gloves have found their enchantments
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the server to crash
  • Added new Loading Screens that replace the Tunnel of Death and Teleportation


  • The Mountains of the Giants adventuring zone content has been enhanced
  • Shuggroth M'ael now has an anti-theft protection plan
  • Creatures that drop Elite Armor pieces have been given unique names to make it easier to find the creature carrying the item you want
  • The Bursar's Tent in Khar Th'Sekt is no longer being levitated by the Dragon's will
  • Brigands at the Burnt Village will no longer hide under a building (the cowards!)


  • Increased the maximum distance from a city that a Bane Circle can be placed
  • The ability to redeed hirelings has been implemented and can be found on the Hireling Window. **Note that redeeding a Hireling will remove a Rank of that Hireling's skill and will not carry it's inventory with it.
  • Placing Errants on the Kill On Sight list should now remain after server resets
  • The Friends List on Siege Spires is now persistent after server restarts
  • Siege Spire Effects of different ranks will now stack with each other
  • The Artillery Captain contracts have been updated to place them at Rank One
  • Feudal Personal Housing buildings now have rank icons
  • Low Level Spires have had their hit points decreased


  • The guild banner of the last guild to claim a mine will now display in the Local Map
  • The Seneschal now gives more information on the minimum balance a warehouse must have in the withdrawal window
  • When a guild holding mines pledges to another guild holding mines, the new nation that is formed can no longer have more mines than the nation limit allows
  • The Mine Towers have been adjusted with reduced cost to upgrade, reduced cost to upgrade Harvesters and Guards, and only take 20 hours now per Rank instead of 24



  • All Aelfborn have been granted the power "Wildkin's Chase" at Level 15 which has a snare immunity that lasts for a maximum of 180 seconds and has a 900 second recast timer


  • Increased the Half-Giants' maximum intelligence to 85 and their cold resistance to +10
  • All Half-Giants are now granted Athletics at Level 10



  • Rage is now Skill-Based and can therefore be used while in Stealth without breaking the effect
  • Rogue-Barbarians are granted the Medium Armor skill


  • The Stamina Drain on the Templar's Power "Cleansing Flame" is now fire-based


  • The Stamina Drain on the Wizard's "Mystic Bolt" is now magic-based


Dark Knight

  • The Dark Knight's 'Intimidate' now has an effect and animation attached to it


  • Prospectors can no longer go Invisible or be granted Immunity through a Bard's song while in Prospecting Stance
  • The Prospector Runestone has had it's mouse over updated


  • The Thrall Master has remembered how to "Go Back" on his dialogue

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