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Unique Characters And Discipline Discs They Can Apply

Lore characters may promote to the following nontraditional race/class combinations:

Favored Terrain

Charters possess one or more types of terrain which are considered 'favored'. Lore characters belonging to a Guild possessing a Tree of Life planted within favored terrain receive several statistical bonuses while adventuring within that territory. For example, a Human Ranger belonging to a Ranger's Brotherhood guild which owns a city in the Borderlands forest territory of Dalgoth Marches would receive the following while in that territory, but not while in the desert territory of Ketharuun:

  • +20 to all Statistics
  • +5% DEF/ATR/DMG/HP whilst at Banes within Favored Terrain

Stronger Boons

  • The Boon which a lore character receives from their city's shrines are slightly more powerful.

Extra Spire

  • Lore nations may place an additional spire within their city grid.

The Charters

Centaur Cohort Safehold
Fort Ekarros (Centaur Cohort)

Races: Centaur
Classes: Barbarian, Bard, Channeler, Crusader, Druid, Huntress, Prelate, Priest, Ranger, Scout, Sentinel & Warrior
Unique: Gain a stacking +30% damage while wielding a Siege Weapon
Favored Biome: Plains & Forest

Cult of the Scourge Safehold
Morloch's Wrath (Cult of the Scourge)

Races: Minotaur & Nephilim.
Classes: Assassin, Barbarian, Bard, Channeler, Doomsayer, Fury, Huntress, Priest, Scout, Thief, Warrior, Warlock & Wizard
Unique: Nephilim can become Priests in this charter
Favored Biome: Swamp & Wasteland

Dwarfhold Safehold
Korvambar (Dwarfhold)

Races: Dwarf
Classes: Bard, Channeler, Crusader, Nightstalker, Prelate, Priest, Ranger, Scout, Sentinel, Warrior, Warlock
Unique: Gain a stacking +30% damage while wielding a Siege Weapon
Favored Biome: Plains, Ice & Wasteland

Ranger Brotherhood Safehold
Wood's Hollow (Ranger's Brotherhood)

Races: Aelfborn, Elf, Half Giant, Human & Shade
Classes: Assassin, Bard, Channeler, Druid, Nightstalker, Priest, Ranger, Scout, Thief & Wizard
Favored Biome: Forest

Unholy Legion Safehold
Duskfall Point (Unholy Legion)

Races: Human, Shade & Vampire
Classes: Assassin, Bard, Channeler, Huntress, Necromancer, Priest, Scout, Thief, Warlock, Warriors & Wizard
Favored Biome: Wasteland

Virakt Safehold
Desert's Eye (New Faith of Khalikryst)

Races: Irekei, Human, Half Giant
Classes: Assassin, Bard, Channeler, Confessor, Nightstalker, Priest, Scout, Templar, Thief, Warrior & Wizard
Favored Biome: Desert & Forest

New Tower of Ondiphel (Order of Travelers)

Races: Aelfborn, Aracoix, Human, Elf, Shade
Classes: Assassin, Bard, Channeler, Doomsayer, Druid, Nightstalker, Priest, Ranger, Scout, Warlock & Wizard
Favored Biome: Plains & Swamp

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