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These are known technical issues with the Shadowbane Emulator. All are well-documented errors that can be reliably reproduced.

If you have discovered a new bug or error not listed here, please help us by reporting it here.

Please note that is a violation of the rules to exploit bug to gain an advantage in the game.

Fixable Bugs

Please contact a staff member if you experience one of these issues. They will be handled on a case-by-case basis until full fixes are implemented.

  • Tree of Life does not flatten land around it after placement ("terraform")
  • Tree of Life is under water after placement

General Bugs

Note: this list is not exhaustive.

  • Deleting a character and then re-making one with the same name in a short time frame can cause the second character to become bugged. If you delete a character, please wait one hour before remaking a new one with the same name.

Unimplemented Features

These features existed in the original Shadowbane, but have simply not been emulated yet.

  • The Divine Favor system's user interface and ranking list has not been fully implemented.
  • Players can fall inside walls, runegates, and other structures that elevate them off the ground
  • Water does not exist server-side, which causes forward rubber-banding for players swimming through it.
  • Furniture is not available for purchase.
  • The Enchanter spell "Infuse with Power" does not function.
  • Innkeepers do not function.
  • The Bargaining skill (Thief and Shopkeeper's Apprentice) has no effect.
  • Destruction banes aren't possible. You can only capture a city.
  • Warrants do not function and are not sold on vendors.
  • The in-game friends list is not fully emulated
  • Player-controlled NPCs are not assigned randomized names
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